Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I wish....

he wished that daddy would come home early. 
she wished for another dog. unfortunately, she won. yikes.
wish1 copywish2 copy

 I wish for the same as the boy wished for (every day actually)
I wish I could personally thank Mother Nature ( I don't think she reads my blog) for this weather. Hot days, cool nights. I am finally easing into fall.
Now I wish I could ask her to cool it down juuuuuuust a teeny bit during the day, because
I wish for soup.
I wish I could do yoga every day.
I wish these shoes weren't so expensive.
Speaking of shoes, I wish shoes like this weren't in style. They confuse me.
I wish for a babysitter so we could go out to sushi.
yet.....I also wish for another baby. hmm.
I wish the people down the street who just put up their Halloween decor would take down their 4th of July/Uncle Sam themed decor.
Speaking of neighbors, I wish you would buy the house across the street from me that is for sale (as long as you are normal).
I wish that I could stop eating Utah peaches. I fear what will happen if I don't.
I wish this commercial weren't so darn funny. and RIDICULOUS.  who buys these things?
I wish I had invented it.
I wish Parks and Rec were on.
Actually, I just wish Amy Poehler and I were friends, and I could make her cookies in exchange for funny jokes.
And I wish her husband were there too, because that giant man is a riot.
Do you wish I would stop talking?
I wish I could pack up my little family into this and drive across the country.
I wish I had a really awesome, 100% guaranteed donut recipe.
If I'm going to make donuts, I wish them to be the best.
I wish I knew how to tell my 3 year old she is not getting another dog, even though she wished for one, and I still want her to believe in wishes.

I wish you well.

What do you wish for?

ps. I hope you don't read with a lisp, this post might have been a apologies


Jackie Norris said...

I'm confused by those boots, too. Really ugly.

Kimberly June said...

I wish he were single.

Leslie said...

a friend of mine went and added you to my blog reader, and let me tell you its a total treat.


i wish for the kids to go to bed without pleading.

but these pictures are so dreamy.

Shannon said...

I wish I had a robot to cook delicious, healthy meals for me and my family. And do the dishes.

I wish I had a hair appointment tonight. It needs to be done. Stat.

I wish I had the ability to stick to a budget and still feel like I can spend $20 at Target with no remorse.

I wish my super ghetto neighbors would vacate the premises and that the coolest family ever would move in. It's definitely wishful thinking.

I love the wishbone picture. I don't think my kids have ever done a wishbone.
PS-Maybe you could get the 3 year old a puppy pillow pet and she'll think her wish came true. :)

Hayley said...

okay so speaking of mr. arnette are you watching running wilde?

so absolutly funny - kinda makes parks and rec disappearance not so bad.

sheena said...

YES!! I love him.

Kenny said...

I wish I could make the fatigue, morning sickness, and crankiness go away and just fast forward to the part of pregnancy that is fun and exciting.

Sean Carson and NIxon said...

Sheena! We will babysit so you can go to sushi. And then we could just trade, and you could babysit so we could go to a movie. It'd be fun I promise.

whitneyingram said...

Donuts, well spudnuts. You can trust Carina.

Bethany Sines said...

hahahahahahahah the snazzy napper. what the crap!?

melissa said...

ha. read with a lisp. that's funny.

Tara said...

I knew exactly what kind of shoes you were talking about before I clicked the link. I actually kind of like the ones w/ cutouts.. more sandle like? Does that make sense? Those would look good on you. I could never wear them though, they would really not help my leg situation. But I like them.
And from what I hear, those spudnut recipes are pretty dang good. If you make them and they are, don't share with me ok? :)

kassidi bridge said...

this is so funny. the other night we pulled into a gas station, and i looked at brandon and pointed to the flashy neon lotto sign in the window...25 million. then for the next hour we started listing off things we would do. travel travel travel, buy a suburban, build a sick house, give so and so some money, and them, and this family over here...on and on and on. it was fun. right now i wish we lived in montana.

Harris Family said...

I wish for the fall. It is soo hot here. I wish I could see just one red maple leaf and drink some of my home made grape juice that will not exist any more because we dont have grapes here...

Natalie said...

I wish I could go out to lunch with each one of my good friends one-on-one to catch up, even the ones in Utah.

I wish I could continue a tradition and take my friend Liz (also Utah) for a birthday pedi next month.

I wish airplanes flew faster (and plane-fare was cheaper) so it wouldn't take so long to get from point A to point B, then maybe all of this would be possible.

Bri {collected} said...

Oh man, I so wish Parks and Rec was on too! So sad we have to wait until mid-season.

summer said...

i wish tons of rain didn't bring tons of mosquitos.
i wish the mosquitos didn't know how to get in my house.
i wish i could rewind and watch arrested development for the first time again.
i wish this weather would last until december.
i wish imogen heap had a new album out.
and i wish for a baby, too! (but don't tell anyone, or i'll never get asked about anything else.)

ps. LOVED this post, sheena!

Teachinfourth said...

I wish for a great, big bag of money…

or a herd of ponies.

jacs23 said...

i wish i could get pregnant ...

i wish for my dog to be well...

i wish for this weather to last & last & last...

i wish for the discernment to decide what is MY will vs. God's...

i wish for the ability to take pics like so many others [or maybe i should just wish for a new camera? ;) ]...

i wish for you to have a VERY happy day....

thanks for sharing so much of your life...i just met your blog and instantly liked ...

jacs ><>

tau und tauschön said...

Hey Sheena.

The shoes are cheap now. :)

Katcha from Hamburg/Germany

PS: Love your Blog. ♥