Wednesday, May 18, 2011

almond butter!

Lately I've been trying to work more healthy fats into or diets, and call me crazy, but I can only cram so many raw nuts into my mouth. 
But I can spread dreamy almond butter on aannnnyyyyything (which also can be a bit unfortunate). 
mix it in to oatmeal, granola, smoothies....really, it goes with anything.

Here's how to do it:

1. Take almonds (easy enough), any amount you want (stock up at the bulk bins). 
I used 2 cups this time.
2. Roast almonds. Spread out on a pan, and roast at 350° for 10-15 minutes, until a bit darker brown and extra crunchy and have a nice "roasty" flavor. Yes, I'm sure roasty is a word.
3. Place them in to the food processor. Turn on food processor. 
let it go. 
and go. 
and go. 
add a pinch of salt. 
keep going. 
you may have to scrape down the sides every now and then.
going going going. 
Just when you think it's ready--it will be a paste-ish consistency, rolling around in your processor like a ball, let it go a few minutes more. The oils will continue to come out and make it even smoother. 
I have heard of people who swear that it never got smooth enough--but both with this and when I've made peanut butter, I've never had a problem. 
But if, you just can't seem to get it smooth enough, and are still processing after about 15 minutes, add about a tablespoon of coconut oil, just to smooth it out. 
But this came out perfectly all on it's own--you just have to be patient.
4. Taste. 
5. Spoon in to a jar. 
6. Taste.
7. Have little hands make a label for you. 
8. Taste and/or refrigerate 
almondbutter1 copyalmondbutter2 copyalmondbutter3almondbutter4 copyalmond butteralmond butter



Laura @ Laura Likes Design said...

Aw, I love the little label on there...written in kid writing. So precious!

Sara said...

Mmmh I loove almond butter, but this stuff is so expensive!
I don`t have a food processor, you think it`ll work with my stand mixer, too?


sheena said...

Lotta--unfortunately it won't work in a stand mixer--it needs to be chopped and pulverized at a really high speed:)

Kirstin said...

this looks so great and simple! thanks so much for sharing!

Beatrice Bachleda said...

I accidentally did an experiment once when I was making a HUGE batch of pecan butter and had to pull out our big food processor. I discovered that our dinky little food processor that goes with our little blender set does make good nut butters but requires the help of additional oil. However, our huge, much more powerful food processor pulverized those little nuts into smooth beautiful butter without any extra help at all!

Kaitlin said...

I love how homey your pictures are. Letting your kids help with the label us cute and genius ;)

This sounds amazing. You're making me want a food processor!

Zizi said...

This looks so healthy and delicious. I just have to wait until I buy my perfect food processor. :)

Stephanie said...

must. make. tonight.

Unknown said...

Looks delicious!

Rachael said...

That looks pretty good! I wonder how it tastes..Like almonds, I know! But still.

Allison said...

This looks so dreamy and delicious! I have never tried almond butter, but now I'm thinking it's a must.

Romney Family said...

Sheena- I don't know if you remember me but I grew up in Fairfield. My name is Jessie(Smith) Romney. I was a few years older than you. I have a sister that was your age or a year younger named Jinny. I know who you are from basketball and church activities. Anyway, I love to read your blog and especially use your recipes they are so yummy. We love the butternut squash bread! I hope you don't think I am a crazy stalker just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog!!

Bethany said...

dang girl, i'm totally sold!

jenniferhoiyin said...

best label ever

Caitlin Jones said...

just made this and it is divine! thanks for the 'how to' : )

Beth said...

That is just plain sexy.

nicole said...

the best label EVER!!
oh and I am so trying this...would a blender work?

Katie Yoon said...

Wow! Simple and awesome!
And I love you blog^^

Allison said...

oh my gosh I LOVE almond butter and always buy it at the natural food stores. Now I want to try this. Thanks for posting!!

Fashionably Adorned said...

I love almond butter and it's quite expensive.. so I'm making my own.. I know I had a reason for needed a food processor! Do you know about how long this will last?

lauren said...

i'm salivating. this looks SO GOOD.

Heather said...

Yummy! I love the label, it kind of makes the picture!!

Unknown said...

ok. your photos make me fall over. you make the most simplest things the most beautiful. *applauding you* :)

When I grow up, I wanna shoot just like you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow- so easy! And I too love almond butter. Definitely trying that later today. Do you refrigerate it when you're finished?

Lillie said...

So I copied you and used it as a gift for the kindergarten teacher. The kid writing just put this over the edge. So darling. I just made your yummy bread the other day too... blogged about both.

THANK YOU for the constant ideas.

ameanderingmango said...

I found your blog via flickr and I love-love it! So beautiful and creative. Your photography is inspiring - Thanks!

Jay Wen said...

Almond butter is such a good idea. I still have some almonds left over from the last time I made almond milk. I'd love ot try this.

Mónica Pinto said...

I really like the "how to". And i absolutly love your photos and the label on the jar.

Lina | dasmaedchenmitdenlocken said...

That looks so delicious and easy. I want to try that, too.

And I love the label :)

Anonymous said...

Just made this today and I'm wondering why I haven't done it sooner! The only thing is that I made my almonds a bit too "roasty." I used sliced almonds and put them in for 10 minutes at 350*. That was little too long for them.

I'm wondering, do you have to roast them?

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing the recipe! :)

Penny said...

Wow! Thank you, I buy almonds in bulk at the market and make beautiful granola, but I will now have to pinch some to make some of this butter. It looks fantastic, can't wait to make some next week after market day. Thank you so much for sharing.


seedshell said...

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