Wednesday, October 30, 2013

this is halloween

My kids get reallllllly into their Halloween costumes. 
I had no plans of a photo session this year.....but when I finally got their costumes done (you know, the day before Halloween) they put them on and asked for some "scary pictures". 

My little vampire bat. 
Just a few pictures of her swooping around looking for her next victim (she has already "sucked the blood" out of most of her stuffed animals, and our poor cat.)
And I must say, this boy makes the cutest Harry Potter. 
He is in the middle of book 5 right now and has been sooooooooo excited to actually BE Harry Potter.
He plays the part well, don't you think?

This was the easiest year ever for is what you need:
Vampire Bat:
black shirt
black leggings
black shoes
black fabric to make "wings" and sew to sleeves
black felt and elastic for a simple mask
vampire teeth
red lipstick

Harry Potter:
robe: after a bit of research I actually found it was cheaper to buy a robe online than to make it (plus my [lack of] sewing skills would never hold up to this kid running around for the next few months casting spells)
harry potter glasses- found online for $3
-he had a white collard shirt and red tie in his closet. we added some yellow tape to the tie
-wand-it's a stick!
-scar--it's eyeliner!
Happy Halloweening!


Anna Scandinavian Cottage said...

Well done, they're brilliant!!

ashley sullivan said...

fantastic! and what great spots you have for photos! so perfect.

Kelly Rae said...

such excellent costumes :)

Sarah said...

I love his Harry Potter costume!

Anonymous said...

Harry <3

summer said...

so so so so good! The Harry hairstyle is crazy perfect, too!

Stacie said...

Oh my goodness, so great!! The bat costume is simply wonderful…

gram said...

Hugs to Harry & 'Betty the Bat!

amanda said...


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Reminds me of a photo shoot Martha Stewart once did for her magazine. The enviroment has a definate Halloween feeling. HAppy Halloween!

Anne Hill said...

they turned out so great! love it!

Sini │ my blue and white kitchen said...

I love these pictures! Almost too cute (and definitely cool & a little scary too ;) ) to be true. The costumes are really great and the landscape makes a perfect match! Good job!

Stueller said...

I guess we should have talked, cause I could not find a harry potter robe for less then 25$, I had to make Dallin's (it was super easy, you totally could have done it), it cost me about 12$.

Derek Henderson said...

Great costumes! You guys are awesome