Tuesday, August 2, 2016


wake up, sleepy head.
We spent fourteen nights away from home in July--on the road to California, back to Utah, on to Montana. Each time we had a few days in between, but I never really felt like we were "home"--we were constantly going and the month just FLEW by. Our time away was spent camping, so we brought only necessities. A few shirts, shorts, swimsuits. Food, jackets, a couple pairs of shoes. Ok we DID bring fun stuff like bikes, kayaks, fishing gear and all the makings of a good s'more, but for the most part, it was only what we needed. 
We've been home these last few days, and I've spent all my time catching up around the house-- doing mounds of laundry, unpacking gear, trying to finish projects I started in June (whoops). I can't help but look around our house and think.....why do we have so much STUFF?

I feel like the world right now tells us we need MORE. And everything must be BIGGER. More clothes. Bigger house. More "likes". Bigger cars. 
More things = more happiness, right?

Over the last few years we have downsized, and downsized again. Our house is twelve hundred something square feet--my kids' bedrooms are so close I can hear them snoring at night. Robby and I share a closet that I can touch both ends of at once, which is fine I guess--I hate shopping anyway. Don't get me started on our bathroom--big enough for only one person at a time--and it's still tight (and we are small people!) 

I'm not the most organized person, but I'm learning to keep what we need, and get rid of what we don't. (It's a process! I'd love to hear how you do it!) I'd rather fill my home with books to read and rocks we tripped over in the desert, than things that have no meaning or serve no purpose. 

And for now, it works for us. But occasionally, I crack. I hear the world screaming "more!" "bigger!", and I start to feel a little lesser....and smaller. And it slowly chips away at my confidence in how we live, and what we prioritize....and I feel like I NEED more...and bigger.

But then we head out in our little camper, and I cook in the same pot for every meal, and hang our towels to dry between the trees. I'm again reminded that it's not the "stuff" that makes me happy, but the people I'm with, and the world that I am experiencing--and I really don't need much to do that, do I?
I think, I have everything I need.


Rebecca said...

Do I spot the Highline Trail in that picture? My husband and I honeymooned in Glacier last year and had a BLAST! I can't wait to go back - so many more trails I want to check out!

eden greer said...

Boom bam!

anna said...

I cannot tell you how much I love your blog! Want to hang out?? Totally kidding but I love your perspective. I have been reading your blog for a while and you inspired me about three years ago to get my kids out hiking. We started small when we lived in LA and worked up and now it is our favorite thing to do as a family. Now that we live in Utah, we spend most of our free time camping, hiking, biking and being outdoors in some way. So thank you! You gave me the confidence and knowledge to start and it has changed our family so much for the better. I didn't grow up doing those things and now I cannot imagine my life or my family without them. We did an epic road trip through the PNW and British Columbia down to Yosemite for 20 days this summer and I was amazed that we had everything we needed in our car. It was so simple and lovely exploring with my kids and husband and not worrying about all the other meaningless things that fill our lives. I completely agree that the world tells us we need more and bigger and it is so hard to block out those voices. I find it easier when I am hiking a mountain, dirty, with those I love and I realize, like you, I don't need or want much more. So thank you!!

Rania {Rowan Tree} said...

We've been feeling this for quite a while now, that stuff does not make us happy. We try to get rid of stuff all the time, leaving bags of clothes and stuff and books we'll never read again to some good will store. We want to live a more minimalistic life in a smaller house, which in turn will be a cheaper lifestyle making it possible for us to work less and live more. We got a VW van this summer and we dream of living only it for a while, it would be such a challenge and an adventure! But we have two cats that we love like they were our kids and we do not know what do to with them if we decide to live in Walter (as our van is named).

I truly believe you have everything you need and that your kids get such a great upbringing with little stuff and loads of nature and adventures instead!

Angela said...

Those photos! Those words! Man, so glad you have the platform to share this from.

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