Wednesday, December 14, 2011

black and white popcorn

popcorn4 copy
This is a super easy (and suuuuuuper addictive) substance treat that I quickly whipped up when I realized I only had a few days left to put together something small for all of the amazing  teachers in our lives. 
I thought I'd share in case you were in need of some ideas to handout to friends and neighbors.

Black and White Popcorn
makes about 5-6 cups of popcorn
I made a few batches so we had lots to share

-2 TBS coconut oil
-1 cup popcorn kernels
-6oz dark chocolate
-6oz white chocoalte
-kosher salt

Maybe you are fancy and have  popcorn popper--if so, follow the directions for that fancy machine, get your popcorn popped, and meet me in step two.

If you don't have a popcorn popper, begin here:

1. Add coconut oil to a LARGE stockpot with heat on medium. Add the kernels and give them a good shake in the pan so they are coated in oil. Put the lid on the pan, but leave it ajar so the steam can escape. After a few minutes your corn will start to POP!
Keep a close eye, er....ear on it, and when the popping slows down, take the pot off the heat so it doesn't burn.
2. Spread the popcorn out onto parchment paper.

3. Melt your white chocolate and dark chocolate using a double boiler, or microwaving in 30 second increments. 

4. Drizzle your popcorn with the white and dark chocolate.

5. Sprinkle with salt while the chocolate is still warm.

6. Let chocolate cool and set up. 

7. Package in a quick wrap of cellophane and string, or maybe you do much more adorable things and have your own adorable bags and labels and such.

8. Share with your friends.
popcorn1 copypopcorn2 copypopcorn5 copypopcorn7 copypopcorn6 copy
ps. have a little extra time to bake up some easily packable treats?
last year we made our favorite biscotti

pps. holy moly there is a lot of treat action going on on this blog right now.
Luckily most of it is for sharing. 

How are you balancing out your holiday treat eating? 
Our weather has been amazing and I've been getting out on the trails to run these last few weeks and loooooving it!

ppps. two school days left.....I can hardly take it.


Tanae Nelson said...

My daughter and I are baking your Biscotti tomorrow to give out to friends and neighbors along with our favorite hot cocoa mix. We are excited, and hope there is enough left over for us to munch on.

Hannah said...

this is so cute! what fun gifts. might have to do this myself. :)

Gillian said...

This looks amazing, and nice and easy too! Thanks : )

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Get in my belly. Mmm...

the crew said...

thank you- it sounds delightful! I just stopped by your blog after a couple of months of chaos that has kept me from reading anything- and I must say you are fantastic! And thank you for the kefir post- I am going to give it a try:)

Rachael said...

Anything with chocolate is great, but chocolate and popcorn? YUM!!! Great idea!

NicoleD said...

Yum! I've purchased this kind of treat before, but never made it myself. I must try this!

a life without walls said...

lovely...great idea...I made almond cookies...and hopefully a German Apple Cake soon. Love your photos!!!

Megan said...

yum, thanks! I made this for a dinner party last night and we much enjoyed it.

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