Monday, August 13, 2012

a walk around the lake

ohhhhhh the lake. 
Lake Louise.
An unbelievably bluish-greenish, wonderful, magical, icy cold mountain lake.
we loved it. 
Depending on the weather/time of day/cloud cover/where we happened to be standing.....the colors changed. 
From green, 
to blue, 
back to glowing green, 
to turquoise. 
I feel lucky to have experienced this place with my little family. 
There is only so much a photograph can capture. 
There was a feeling there.... we stood at the end of the lake, glowing green as the sun had gone down, 
staring up at a massive glacier that had been there for years and years and years..... just felt...
I can't even describe it. 
It just felt. 
I feel a little bit of it as I look back through my photographs, 
and hope to someday go back and feel it all again.

the end.


stephanie said...

my husband served his mission in alberta. shortly after we were married he took me to visit. reading your post this morning brought me right back to that magical place. you described lake louise perfectly! gorgeous photos, as always. thanks, sheena!

in dreams said...

my mum, aunt, and grandmother all waitressed at chateau lake louise...i feel like i missed out on a really important tradition by not waitressing there myself! i guess i still have time to visit is such a magical place, isn't it?

Ashlae said...

What beautiful photos. It reminds me of Iceland, which means I need to go there. ASAP.

Mountains and glaciers and glow-y lakes are something else, huh?

PS - your family is too adorable for words.

Laura said...

Oh oh oh. Look at that photo with the hotel in the background. I LOVE what you do with a camera and a beautiful country. :)

Sara C. Walk said...

all I can say is WOW!!!!! I need to go there

Amber Andrews said...

Absolutely incredible. I'll have to add Lake Louise to my "MUST See" list.

The Webbs said...

this is beautiful. when we were on our latest adventure I was telling my husband that its just so pretty outside I wanted to hug it. When its so pretty outside it almost feels impossible to breath it all in. cheesy yes-but super true.

that water looks amazing!!!

kate said...

These photos are amazing. That lake is amazing. We are planning to visit Canada next summer and all these photos are just adding to the excitement!

Anonymous said...

I love these shots! I can't wait to get back to North America and do some more travelling. I have already printed out some pictures of Utah to put on my inspiration/travel planning board, now I'll have to add Canada too!

mari dock said...

these are unbelievable and your family is so beautiful!