Tuesday, August 14, 2012

how to make greek yogurt

"But you already did a yogurt post!" 
Maybe that's what you're thinking if you've been with me for the last two years.
 (and if so......whoa. how are you not sick of me yet?)
I still get SO(ooooo) many questions on that post, and I also wanted to try it in the crock pot this time to see which way I liked better. (see HERE for the stove top/oven light method)
The verdict: I liked the crock pot method better! While you still have to stick around to wait for the temperature to get just right, if you miss it by a minute it's not going to scorch--sometimes when doing it stove top I would be busy with something else, and then spend way too much time scrubbing burned milk out of my pot. I also liked this way better because I go through phases where I make aLOT of yogurt, and I started to wonder when my oven light was going to burn out.......
homemade yogurt
What you'll need:
-1/2 gallon milk (you can really use however much you like. 
I used 1/2 gallon--maybe a bit more, because that's what fit in my crock pot, just make sure your milk and yogurt ratio match up)
-1/2 cup of plain yogurt (for a starter, to get the process going)
-1/4 cup powdered milk. (optional) I know several people who add this to make it even creamier (especially if you are using a lower fat content milk)
-crock pot
-colander and cheesecloth if you are going to make greek yogurt

1. Pour your milk in your crock pot and set it on high. 
2. Heat milk until it reaches 180° (this took about 2 hours for me. If you have a nicer crock pot it might be quicker)
3. When 180° is reached, unplug crock pot, take the lid off and let cool until it's around 110°.
4. In a separate small bowl, mix together plain yogurt and powdered milk (if using)
5. When the temp is around 110°,  add yogurt mixture and stir well. 
6. Place the lid back on, and wrap crock pot in a blanket like a little yogurt baby, and let it sit on the counter for about 6 hours.
7. You now have yogurt!
You'll notice a watery substance on top, this is they whey. 
You can mix it in, and put your yogurt in the fridge and it's ready to eat as soon as it's chilled.
homemade yogurthomemade yogurthomemade yogurthomemade yogurt
If you are wanting to make GREEK yogurt, 
here is one more step you'll need. 
Place a few layers of cheesecloth in a colander and place it over a bowl. Pour your yogurt into the lined colander, put it in the refrigerator, and let some of the whey strain out. 
Check it after a few hours to see if it's thick enough--if not, let it strain some more. 
You can make it exactly how you like it.
I poured mine into a small container and kept it in the fridge too add to smoothies. 
It's protein packed and boosts your immune system....your body will love it!
homemade yogurt
After your yogurt has strained, you have thick and creamy
 Greek Yogurt.....yum!
It is much more mild than the store bought kind--just a tiny drizzle of maple syrup makes it taste like dessert!
homemade yogurthomemade yogurt

How do you like YOUR yogurt?


Kelly said...

I was just checking your site for the recent zuchini salad recipe. Yes, I have followed your site for over 2 years now. I may sound geek-like, in that I have said this so many times, but your blog just makes my day! Photos, recipes, travels and stories. Love it! A little daily fix of life's good stuff!

whitneyingram said...

I like my yogurt at someone else's house.

Yogurt. I just can't do it.

But I am getting better with cheese! I bought some smoked gouda today!

Kate Alexander. said...

This sounds so much easier than the oven method! Question, can you use 1/2 cup of this yogurt as a starter for the next batch? I'm excited to try this out!

Ashley said...

I've always been scared/hesitant to make yogurt without a yogurt maker. The whole temperature thing makes me nervous. Thanks for the simple instructions. I must attempt this soon!

Kassidi Bridge said...

Oh sweet we've never tried it this way. ON IT! Thanks for sharing!

sheena said...

@kate alexander
Yes--you can use this as your starter!

gram said...

Makes me almost want to try this.. don't think I could eat it all, though, & pretty sure gpa wouldn't eat any...

Joe said...

Just a note to those who (like me) are lactose-intolerant: The whey is where all the lactose ends up, so (a) don't eat it, and (b) Greek yogurt is even lower in lactose than regular yogurt - almost none. I eat Greek yogurt exclusively and often.

Sue/the view from great island said...

I had to laugh at this post, I've posted homemade yogurt more than once myself, but I say it's worth repeating! I love crockpot yogurt, but when I made mine last year in New Hampshire, I had to cover it with an electric blanket set on low to keep it warm enough! Now that I'm back in sunny CA, I'm assuming I won't have to do that! Your shot of the finished yogurt garnished with a simple cherry is stunning.

emily o. said...

I have been wanting to try crockpot yogurt for so long, but just haven't. Part laziness, part wanting to find a recipe from someone I "trust" :)

Thanks! And I have been with you for two years...I think probably longer :) Love your blog, your recipes, your photos...everything is so inspiring.

Phoebe McCutchan said...

Sorry to be a ninny, but can you make this in a slow cooker, or does it have to be a crockpot?

Love your blog!

sheena said...

@phoebe to me they are the same:)

Megan Christine said...

Out of curiosity, how long is the yogurt good for? Like how many days until it expires? Also, I am insanely lactose intolerant (bordering on actual allergy) so I was wondering if this would work with Goat's milk?

Esther A said...

Hi there. Wondering if you can share what kind of thermometer you use. Thanks!

Elaine Wolfson said...

I just found this page. Why don't you have a Pin It button on it? I'm using a tablet on which I haven't yet been able to install my own Pin It button, and would love to pin this page to Pinterest.

Stephanie Harber said...

Could I use coconut or almond milk for this? Would it turn out the same?

Nicole Lacoste said...

My crockpot has a 'keep warm' setting so I use this instead of a blanket. Also I start with room temperature sterilized milk, add the yogurt, mix and just pop it in the crockpot at 'keep warm' for 5 to 6 hours. So no temperature measuring at all. I don't put it directly in the crock pot, but in jars that I sterilized, so I'd say if it's in the crockpot directly better be very, very clean. I've never done the Greek part, but will try that the next time, sounds lovely!!

Jennifer Soden said...

Hi, I'm wondering how you store this and how long it keeps in the refrigerator....making a batch today. Very excited. Also, how important do you think the powdered milk is to the process? THANKS!

Jennifer Soden said...

Hello again,

It's now made, but "curdled" looking. Is that normal? I followed the final steps of the poster above me (utilized the keep warm function for the 6 hours). I'm guessing that was wrong...

Shirley Paslay said...

I have made yogurt with an ice chest, a gallon jug for yogurt, and 4 quarts of boiling water. Put the gallon jug in the ice chest and put the 4 qt jars in the corners. Go to bed. Get up to yogurt. I also just used a paper towel in the colander and stuck it in the fridge over night again.

Namir Enterprises Incorporation said...

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Namir Enterprises Incorporation said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am now making this yogurt every week. Thank you so much for the post, it's saving me a whole lots of $$$. One question, after letting it drain for a couple of hours I found the yogurt to me "sticky". It's creamy and so delicious but the texture is strange. I followed the recipe. I used skim milk, could that be why? Thanks MJ

Melissa Pratt said...

Elaine, you can install a pin it button to your computer and pin anything from the web

Meat Grinder said...

These look amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

jmariem said...

About the scorched pot from the stove-top method: Cover the scorch with water, add a Tablespoon - a handful of baking soda. Simmer for 10 minutes. Cool and wash. When I make stovetop yogurt, I use the same pot, same amount of milk, same burner setting, lose the thermometer, set the timer for an hour and turn the burner off. Except, when I miss the timer, I hit the baking soda.

The whey contains most of the calcium. It can be used in place of milk in a recipe - like, pancakes or muffins.

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Beran Parry said...

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Katy@Thinkcook.com said...

Thanks for your greek yogurt recipe! They taste very good! My kids are actually loving it very much.

ColeReview said...

Hi there.
Thanks for the recipe. I have now made 2 batches and have it with some fruit in the mornings. It`s yummy and VERY like the Yogurt.
So easy to make too,

Susan said...

I like it. I was made this recipe for my wife. She very like it. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for this easy-to-follow recipe. Can you use plain yogurt as the starter, or is it a special yogurt starter?

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