Sunday, October 7, 2012

real life joy

Oh Life. 
Such a funny thing sometimes.
Just when you are sailing along smoothly in one direction, the winds quickly change and send you the opposite way into rough waters.

What is it they say.....?
When Life gives you lemons.....
....or when Life throws you a curve ball. 
Or sometimes, Life throws you a lemon curveball.

But what Life doesn't know, is that I happen to like lemons and I played softball for 8 years.

It has been a rough few days around here......OY.
I have found myself mentally and physically down, and unsure of which direction to go.....a place I am very unfamiliar with.

I was so happy to read Natalie's post about real life joy. 
A few simple words that hit me so hard, and came at the perfect moment.
(I'm pretty sure she wrote it just for me)
 A good reminder that I simply need to focus on what is directly in front of me--
REAL LIFE--and find joy.

Not to worry about what is around the bend in the road, or what may (or may not) lie ahead.
What I have right here, right now.

And that my friends, is so much.
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all photos taken a few weeks ago, around the Cecret Lake/Albion Basin area

This week I will be blogging about all my real life joys--
small and simple as they may be.
Things that make me happy, right here, right now.

-my family
-the mountains
-my family in the mountains
-crisp, cool, fall air, and how it feels to breathe it in
-sleeping in, wrapped in blankets
-listening to our prophet speak in General Conference over the weekend
-sunday dinner together- roast chicken, mashed potatoes, grilled beets
-warm brownies
-snuggling on the couch as a family and watching Willow

These posts this week are for my own good--so I have something to focus on throughout my day and a reminder to look for small and simple joys in my life. Please feel free to play along on your blog and link your posts here in the comments if you's good to remind ourselves how blessed we are.
tag your small and simple moments #reallifejoy on instagram.

Here's to a happy week.
What is your Real Life Joy today?


stephanie said...

so thankful for your post. misery loves company.....or something like that. so grateful for your inspiration and look forward to it the rest of the week!

julie said...

Perfect. Thank goodness for refreshed perspective.

whitneyingram said...

Today's real life joys: my body that can move, climb, walk, run, lift and work hard. Mangos from Costco. My daughter's natural ringlet pigtails. That my son gets excellent grades in school and I don't have to worry about that. My potted red geranium that is still alive despite the cold weather. My other son's long blond hair. Being surrounded by incredible people.

AL said...

Sheena these are my favorite type of posts by you. You write of simple joys so well... It's one of my joys.
Thank you.

Kelly said...

I hope all is well and that the "curve ball" isn't something scary. But like with your running - steady, strong and determined will get you through.
As for me, a 12 mile bike ride with my niece this morning, a rare trip to trader joe's (yum), catching a great sunset off my deck, HOMEMADE COOKIES AND MILK, a call from an old friend! Life is good!

Kasey said...

I hope your week is getting better! I love that, no matter what, you always find a way to focus on the countless blessings that are FILLING your cup. Thanks for sharing your gratitude with the rest of us.