Wednesday, March 2, 2011

winter to spring

spring 2010

Now I realize that it's not officially spring. 
I know that we will still have snowstorms, freezing temperatures, and doubts that spring--let alone summer--will ever come. 
But's March!! Which to me means that I defeated another winter. 

I took a short run around the neighborhood last night and couldn't help but notice spring everywhere. 
The sun was shining, bouncing of my white legs, (I was in SHORTS!) and blinding innocent bystanders.
There was a slight warmth to the chilled air, and an orangey pink hue to the sun that was setting.
Summer colors. 
 I could smell grass. 
and mud. 
Snow piles were melting into the streets, and sidewalks were bare.
Quails, robins, and birds of the blue variety were dotting lawns, trees, and power lines. 
Tiny yappy dogs ran out on the street to chase me, and tiny yappy dogs don't come outside in the winter. 
So it must be spring. 


FeeMail said...

meteorologically it IS OFFICIALLY spring :)! Let's make a spring party...

homemade grits said...

i am so excited for spring! we have had a nice long tease of it here in the south and i'm terrified that it will get cold again. winter in my opinion should end right after christmas.

hope you're having a lovely week full of outdoor runs!

The Webbs said...

it was beautiful here yesterday too! no jackets on our walk! but i was sadly informed by my husband yesterday that march gets the most snow in colorado. whaaaat? blah, i will just have to embrace this dang weather as i miss az.

melissa marie said...

hmm, i think this is the only time of year i might have to stop reading your blog. we live in the same state, SUPPOSEDLY, and yet you'll be talking about springish and running in shorts for the next month while i'll be shoveling my driveway and staying inside to avoid inversion. i might not be able to take it.

Rachael said...

Wearing shorts...definitely a sign of spring. That, or you want to show off your legs ;)

Amber M said...

And with spring comes running with no worries about the cold and wet! Yipee!

I have a little award waiting for you over on my blog! :)

Bridget said...

i am with you 100%.

Amelia PS said...

the best part is the feeling of rebirth that comes with spring... this winter never ended and i am ready for a new fresh layer of me. Lovely photo. so delicate.

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