Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Love

I loved this week! 
We are finally, kinda-sorta a little bit starting to figure out a schedule around here!
I ran, I yoga'd, we dance partied, the kids are really into having "concerts", we baked, we made pizza and we are ready for the weekend!

I LOVE date nights!! 
ok. so it's date night. you want something yummy and super easy to throw together....right? right. So do just that....THROW it together!! Nothing here was measured....I just added a bit of this and that. Would it win 1st prize at the state fair, no. (but really who is entering that?) Was it delicious? yes!

Peach Cobbler for Two:
Two peaches, sliced--add them a dish and drizzle with real maple syrup and a spoonful of flour, plus a teeny bit of water (a few TBS)
Mix together.
In a bowl combine 1TBS butter, melted, 
small handful (1/4cupish)
-brown sugar,
Mix together until crumbly....if you need to add a bit more melted butter, do it!
Sprinkle with walnuts and bake at 350 for a half hour or so.

Top with vanilla icecream  and cinnamon! Grab two spoons, a good movie, and you are good to go!
cobblerfor2 copy

I Sheena, a summer lover, will admit that maybe, just maybe,  I love fall. It hit me this week as I was looking through last years fall photos. I love it! I love the colors, the soup, the baking, and the general coziness of it all.

photos from last year:)
from last fall...from last fall....from last fall...

I love stripes! 
LOVE them.
 I wish I could dress my family in head-to-toe stripes, live in a little striped house on a little striped street.

And apparently, I also really love yellow, black and grey....since those were all the photos I chose...

I love that I have awesome traveling friends that document their trips so well.
Check out wedoiceland by John and Cara.
Picture 16Picture 14Picture 15Picture 13

and. I am super in love with this. it reminds me of the time they did this

Happy Weekend!

What did you love about this week???


melissa marie said...

wow, can you believe how far justin timberlake has come? for real.

hays said...

um. so, i really want to go to iceland now.

jjibson said...

I am OLDISH and I was dancing in my chair to Justin Timberlake as they preformed. I want to go to a live show where they are rockin' out. I loved it!

Kassidi Bridge said...

I've watched that last video probably 16 times over the past three days. CANNOT get enough. I love your pics. It's been a great week. Loved Bikram yoga this week! Have you ever tried it? I think you'd love it. I'm obsessed.

Tara said...

I love Fall too. Makes me want to decorate and get new clothes and bake yummy things. AND I love gray and yellow together, too. I'm wondering about that picture of the window in the hillside. Is that an underground house? Am I really ignorant? Someone please explain. It is beautiful.

banananutmeg said...

the dugout. Whoever thought of living in one? I mean, when it rains, worms come out of your ceiling. Gross. But after seeing that picture, who wouldn't want to live in one?

Kasey said...

I love Fall and stripes, too! I don't think I owned a shirt that WASN'T striped in high school.

This week I loved learning how to make homemade yogurt, thanks to you.
I loved unloading some stuff at a garage sale.
I loved getting to know a new friend just a bit better.
I loved running in a cool breeze.
I loved finally getting my post-relay massage.
I loved buying plane tickets to my sister's house for Thanksgiving!

cara lou said...

Stripes!!!! Love so so much. Um...I must get those striped TOMS without delay!

That window is in a turf-roofed house. The house is free-standing (not built in to a hill), and the roof is sod. They are lovely!!

My name is Frances said...

Love the last year's fall pics. John and Cara's Iceland pics are gorgeous too!

This week I loved Family day. Once a week my husband, kids and I spend all whole day together and enjoy each other. We headed over to the Santa Monica Pier here in Cali (not too far from where we live).

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheena!

I stumbled upon your blog via Tastespotting the other day, when that yummy chocolate cake with browned butter icing caught my eye!

Your photos are incredible and you and your family seem so lovely and beautiful.

Things I am loving right now: your blog, cake, Modern Family, this amazing weather, khaki trench coats and sleeping in tomorrow : )



Teachinfourth said...

I love fall, too!

This week I went to the desert…today.

Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. It's always a treat to read your blog :)

Last week was amazing... I felt like I was on top of all of my classes for the first time in a long time. Oh, and I spent the entire weekend with my foodie boyfriend and his foodie roommates. We went to an apple orchard on Friday and baked/cooked all Saturday and Sunday. It was the best!

KrisiJohnson said...

So I am attempting your peach cobbler recipe, just stuck it in the oven! Hope it turns out as delicious as yours looks!