Monday, October 18, 2010

awkward.... somehow my photo blog domain name (which also happens to be MY NAME) was swiped out from underneath me last week, and now they are using it so run some awesome sex pills website. 

Isn't the internet awesome like that?? And where is my cut from their profits?

To view my photo blog, please go to from now on, and please please please change your subscriptions.

I hate the internet.


The Webbs said...

crazy! i just went on there right now to look at some picturs before i stopped by here, and it was totally hijacked! glad you resolved it.

tanalicious said...

i seriously laughed OUT LOUD when i read that.. sorry for your inconvenience, but maybe you could at least get a free sample or something..


Joe and Beth/BethanySines photography) said...

haha for some random reason my first thought was "hey maybe you can still make some money from that sex pill blog" hahaha um, NO. don't know where that came from. : ) i hope everything gets sorted out. i swear, lately I've heard from SO many friends that they're blogs and emails and even facebook accounts have been hacked into. aaarrgghhh.

Brooke said...

{wipe tear from eye}

ahhh. sigh. thanks for the laugh.

goodness, isn't there always something to keep us on our toes! :)

Roboti said...

Love your pictures, love your blog!
Hope you don`t mind I that I linked your blog. (Guess this is no good English - it is way to early for good English).