Wednesday, October 20, 2010

on my mind....

pumpkin head

my left (your right) hand looks really deformed in that picture.

we went to the pumpkin patch. 
I love pumpkin patches. 
acres of pumpkins.....all different kinds.
I decided I want to own a pumpkin patch someday, and grow fancy pumpkins.

I've been thinking of going (a bit) red (ish) with my hair.
I've been thinking about it for so long, I thought it would be easy.
I'm nervous.
I might need convincing.

I did my final run tonight in preparation for THE RACE. 
dun dun DUN!!! 
The fall colors are insane right now, the weather is perfect, the smell of the air is almost edible.
But still I ask myself.....why do I do these things?
Running 18.something miles in 24 hours with no sleep and crappy food is hard.
But for some reason still fun. (maybe because it's with these guys and those guys)
And it is such a good reminder of how awesome our bodies are.
How will we know what they can do if we don't challenge them?
Challenge them.
You will be so glad you did.

Do you know what I bought at the store today?
White bagels. Coke. Cup-O-Soup.
I was so embarrassed.
I felt like I should maybe explain it to the cashier that I was not going home to feed these things to my children,
but using them as quick burning fuel for a race this weekend.
And I feel like I need to explain it here, just in case you saw me and wondered why I was buying Cup-O-Soup.
Did you know they are only 29¢ !!!
Stock up!
Just kidding.

Today I need to do laundry. Pack. Take a nap. Watch Modern Family. Go buy lots of candy from the bulk section.

just turn your head, ok?


Lisa of In Pencil said...

Nothing wrong with Cup-O-Soup. I would have starved in college otherwise ;) Good luck with your race!

Shannon said...

Seriously. Cup-O-Soup was what I ate during my breaks in swim meets all through HS. No the most nutritious, but as far as snack bar food goes it hit the spot.

Good luck with your race this weekend! You'll do awesome and you'll love it. You always do. Have fun shopping the bulk section. The last time I was there getting those chocolate covered sunflower seeds (SO good) and this other mom walked by with her kids and they were begging for candy and she said really loudly "No way! Candy will make you stupid!" I wanted to bust out laughing, but at the same time was kind of like "gee, thanks." :)

Kassidi Bridge said...

good luck!! have a blast!

Courtney said...

oh Sheena. If only we could all see what you ate freshman year of college! ha ha ha ha ha!

sheena said...

lisa! I lived off of them my freshman year!! I'm sure I will love every bite:)

Court!!! hahahah!! I know--why didn't we take pictures of my daily nacho-fest and dinners of $1 cookies??! I'm sure somewhere in your journal you wrote "my roommate eats the most disgusting things!"

Natalie said...

I have butterflies for you.

I really wanted a Cup-O-Noodle at oh-dark-thirty after my 2nd leg last month. My stupid camp stove wouldn't light. Seriously. I cried. It was cold. I ate Fig Newtons instead. With a lump in my throat.

It's crazy the weird food you crave while in survival mode!

Have fun eating bulk candy and running, with your hubby this time, you maniac! I like being crazy.

Natalie said...


And Cinderella Pumpkins are my absolute favorite!

When you have your own patch, grow some for me, K?

Rachelle said...

two things. one, i can't find any running friends. and you think in so. cal i would have tons. but no! arg. two, whenever i buy junk at the store i feel the exact same way - embarrassed!

good luck running girl!!

Moody Family said...

I think you would look stunning with redish hair :)

I have been in search of The Great Pumpkin. Which pumpkin patch did you go to? I'm thinking of driving to Santaquin to the Red Barn pumpkin patch.

Good luck on your race! I would say break a leg but that would just be bad when it comes to running.

And you just reminded me of candy for Halloween. Better yet, for ME :)

Lauren said...

I felt the same way today buying all that junk. It made me kind of sick thinking about eating it all within 24 hours, but it really is crazy what our bodies crave (fuel), like you said...

Can't wait!

Oh, and your hair would be SO CUTE red. DO IT!

Kasey said...

I always question my sanity in the week or two leading up to a distance race, too. But, I'm always glad I did it and it IS fun!

Glad you got all the good fuel. SO Sheena and Robby!

Lynn said...

oh Sheena! this post has me laughing from the get-go. I'm a fellow hand warper (my thumb seems to dislocate at the worst times) and avid follower of yours. I adore the way you integrate your love love the little red house!