Friday, October 29, 2010

friday love (the sweet and condensed version)

Craziest week ever!
My head is no longer attached. 
But it's finally Friday, the kids costumes are done, and we are ready to weekend it up!

I love that the kids are home from grandmas and our lives are back to crazy normal.
I do not love Robby's new school schedule for this block....but I DO love that we made it through the first block! Hooray! Only like 700 more to go.
I love that my plans for tomorrow include "SLEEP IN". I have never been so excited.
I am still in love with all my team mates and miss them and love thinking about all our fun memories. 
I love reminiscing about everything I ate at the Belagio Buffet last week after the race, including: 

(note: I am NOT a buffet person.....they almost always gross me out. But it was really hard to count this as a buffet, this stuff was GOOD)

(note: forgive the random combos.....I am not very good at "buffeting")

plate 1: a made to order crab and spinach omelet, baked halibut, the best new potatoes ever, and a cute little crepe.
plate 2: red lentil soup, fresh sourdough, some kind of awesome salad, heirloom tomato quinoa with mozzarella
plate 3: miso soup, sushi, the best mashed sweet potatoes I've ever had
plate 4: fresh bagguette wih whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers and red onion
plate 5: Tiramisu, some chocolate peanut butter cake thing, an eclair.....NONE of which were even a little bit good (one bite of each was more than enough) Skip the dessert and opt for more awesome sweet potatoes.

We LOVE the pumpkin patch!

I love love LOVE that I got to so see Ingrid Michaelson play this week!
The show was amazing and so so fun....that girl is a riot! It was like a concert + comedy show all rolled in to one. She sounds great and even covered Led Zeppelin and Britney Spears.
If she's coming somewhere near you--GO!!

Happy Happy Weekend and Happy Halloween!

What did you love about this week?


Krisi said...

What did I love about this week?

I have been practicing the art of....""
Yoga Class tuesday.
Napping on the overstuffed couch that lives on my porch.
And a white russian at a bar called "Touch of Class."
Psalm 139.

summer said...

LOVE ingrid. i'm so jealous you got to see her! and this song is wonderful.

i also love your pumpkin patch shirt and hat. you are SO cute!!

this week i loved tacos, preschoolers using such good manners, and knitting while watching old movies.

how long is robby's program going to be?! i know how tough it can be to have to share your husband with school!

Kassidi Bridge said...

loved having visitors.
loved the cooler weather.
loved some good vintage finds.

hays said...

you guys are so cute. love your pumpkin patch pics :)

becky said...

hey! it was fun meeting you at your blog!

SoOhCliché said...

Ingrid Michaelson !!!! Waoh, thanks for the amazing discovery :) Music wise this will definitely be what I loved about this week !

Lesley said...

i loved how sweet my husband was on my birthday yesterday.

loved the beautiful fall weather today at an amusement park.

loved having my family visit.

.caroline armelle. said...

it was so fun to finally meet you in person! and, that really was a great concert!

let's do it again!