Monday, September 28, 2015

tried and true: Athleta's Be Free Knickers

Last month Athleta asked me if I'd take their Be Free Knickers out on the trail for a test run--I didn't even have to think about it....YES! I am always on the hunt for new and improved running gear, and over the past year I have fallen in love with Athleta's running capris and tights. They are all super light (they feel like nothing!) and I can wear them over and over again without wear and tear. Here is my review PLUS three different ways to wear them this fall.

It’s hard to beat Fall in Utah—the chill in the air, the crunch of leaves on the trail, and the colors are just insane! But fall also brings some pretty temperamental weather. We will wake up with frost on the ground and our frozen breath in the air, and then temperatures will be up in the 70s by afternoon.

As an avid trail runner, I need pants that will help me transition into fall running without me getting too hot or too cold—I want to be “just right”, and the Be Free Knickers are THE perfect pants for the season. I’m a busy mother, wife, and I’m also currently in nursing school, so as I go through my week, I never have a set running schedule—I have to sneak in my runs whenever I have a bit of extra time. Sometimes it’s early morning or right before the sun goes down—when the air is chilly and the wind is whipping. It’s often a run through the mid-afternoon heat while my kiddos are in school. The Be Free has me ready for any conditions the day wants to throw my way.

I have to talk about the performance of these pants, because they are pretty close to perfect. I’ve been trail running for over four years now and I am constantly on the hunt for the best gear. If it was up to me, and I wouldn’t scare off everyone else on the mountain, you’d probably find me out on the trail in my birthday suit. I hate when I can FEEL the clothes on me—it’s the worst when they rub and don’t move with my body. So since I probably shouldn’t run in the buff, and the weather is a little too cool for shorts, I reach for my Be Frees. The seams are in all the right places—they are flattering and look great, but don’t rub even after hours on the trail. Too often running tights fit perfect until they hit right below the knee—and after an hour or so I realize the elastic is digging in and I can’t think about anything except getting out of my running clothes. The bottom of the Be Free is tight enough to provide a flattering cut and keep them in place, but loose enough that I can literally wear these pants all day long and never need to take them off. The waistband is wide and doesn’t dig in, and the internal drawstring ensures the perfect fit. These pants are ideal for storage—two side pockets that are the right size for any extra calories I may need to take along, a back zipper pocket to fit my phone, and an internal pocket that my car key will fit in perfectly since I usually drive to the trail head.

When the weather gets chilly, they are my go to choice for runs. I can throw on a long sleeve top and warm headband—I’m good to go. These will pull the sweat away from my skin and then dry quickly, so I don’t end up cold from my own sweat.

Top and pants by Athleta. Shoes by Altra . Socks by Smartwool. Headband by Skida.
 sheena jibson for athletasheena jibson for athleta

The Be Frees are also ideal for a warm afternoon run. They are wonderfully thin—I really forget they are there (woohoo!), and they breathe well so I won’t overheat. I like to pair them with a tank so I can still soak up some vitamin D.

Tank and pants by Athleta. Shoes by Pearl Izumi.  Dog Collar by Willow Creek Leather
sheena jibson for athletasheena jibson for athleta

 After a few hours on the trail it’s always fun to head into Park City for a burger or a treat. These pants are so comfortable there’s never a need to change—I just slip some cash into the side pocket, throw on a sweater, my chacos, and a favorite hat and I’m ready to hit the town.

Sweater and Pants by Athleta. Hat by Patagonia. Sandals by Chaco Ice Cream by Java Cow
super dorky blue steel by myself.
sheena jibson for athleta

 The Be Free Knicker is a great pair of pants to add to your fall wardrobe. And runner or not, they really work perfectly for anything—I find myself pulling them on several times throughout my week. Hiking, yoga, rock climbing, running errands and heading to class….I may never take them off.sheena jibson for athleta

Check out more of Athleta's Fit 6 Pants and head on over to the Chi Blog for a chance to win a pair of each + a pair for your friends! 


Kayla Heiner said...

I notice the kids didn't get ice cream

sheena said...

hahaha @kayla!! I promise they DID have ice-cream.....they just ate it in like 2 minutes.

megan bradley said...

now that the weather is turning, i've had my eye on these. do you prefer the dobby fabric?

sheena said...

@megan yes- the Dobby is my favorite. Seriously the lightest thinnest pants I've ever worn (and not see through!)

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