Friday, February 26, 2010

friday love

It is no secret the we LOVE peanut we decided to make our own!

I ordered my organic peanuts from Shop Organic. (I cannot find bulk organic peanuts anywhere local--Whole Foods doesn't even have them)

You just dump them in your food processor and let-er-rip!
I was really nervous at first.....when I had a whole bowl full of peanut powder....but you just have to let it run for a LONG time.
The oils eventually come out and it will get nice and smooth.
I then added more peanuts to the smooth batch, and processed those, let it get smooth, and added the remaining peanuts, and didn't run quite as it had a few little peanuts in it.

Taste: AMAZING. I didn't think there would be a difference....there is!! It's so much more peanut-y. I'm so poetic, I know.
Cost: I bought a 3lb bag of organic roasted (and shelled!) peanuts for $11.19.
It made around 40 oz of peanut butter (one giant Adams jar, plus a small jam jar).
I think this is a great price for organic peanutbutter.....but...

the shipping was $9.00....! So I just made some $20 pb. It like golden peanut butter.

Will I do it again?: I'm going to explore Shop Organic more (they have TONS of stuff) and see if there is anything else I want to order, to balance out shipping costs, and continue my search to find bulk organic peanuts local.
It was so so tastey, and the quickest/easiest thing I've ever made!

We love to go to the library!! A giant Star Wars Encyclopedia for the boy (I am not ready for this stuff), a William Wegman book for the girl (she loves a dog in costume....who doesn't?), and for me.....

Earth to Table. Maybe my new favorite book! The most beautiful food photography I have ever seen!! It's about eating in season.....and I won't lie....winter has me a bit nervous. Calf liver? Rabbit Stew? But there are some amazing looking recipes too....I'll let you know what I try!

And speaking of food (always), I LOVE Jamie Oliver. I am so excited for his new show to start up in the next few weeks.....this is right up my alley and I cannot believe that we're finally getting a major network show on this topic...check it out!!

And for your song this week......we have been listening to a lot of Ray LaMontagne these's really mellow, a bit sad at times....but perfect for a dreary day of terrarium who have I become?

Happy Weekend!!!

What did you love about this week?

friday feet

from last week...
erin: unfortunately erin's computer crashed, so her feet were a little busy crying (and I cried for her too) this photo is from Thanksgiving in California last fall.
sheena: sledding feet.

love the contrast.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

outside in

It's cold. and its windy. and its trying to snow.

It just makes me mad.

So today, we brought a little outdoors, indoors.
I have been wanting to make some little terrariums for a while now, and just never got around to it. Today's forecast of snow was just what I needed.

What you will need:

containers: they sell beautiful containers specifically for terrariums, but I am a lover of glassware so I rounded up some jars and bottles from around the house. Only two of them are true terrariums (with closed tops...but...oh well.)
plants: HERE is a whole list of terrarium appropriate plants....none of which could be found at Home Depot in February, so...I winged it. I found some "succulents" , like aloe vera--you'll find them with the cacti. I'm not a fan of the word cacti.
moss. (optional)I could do 100% moss terrariums....I LOVE the look of moss! But, again, it's february, so I found what I could (thank you go the guy at the nursery who let me go pick it out of their potted trees:). And this spring I fully intend to find GOBS of moss and redo these silly little things.
rocks: for the bottom of the container to help with drainage.
active carbon: to help keep the air clean (in the containers with lids.) You can find it with aquarium supplies.
dirt. self explanatory.
The boy was so so SO eager (that's very eager) to help....we love to play in the dirt!
tada! (I cannot WAIT to paint my shelf white.....these will stand out much more.)

I found this site to be helpful for terrarium care.
I kill every single plant....I am really very bad at the whole plant thing. But these seem like they'll be fairly easy to maintain, just a mist here and there.....way easier than children! wish me luck!

something to chew on...

I can't tell you how much I appreciated all your comments on my food post! I'm so happy to know that so many of you are on the same page.....we can do this together!!

I just want to take a minute to talk to those of you who think that you CAN'T do it. Maybe you think you're too far gone?? Let me tell you about a girl I used to know.

She could eat a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger meal (um, that's TWO cheesburgers, super sized fries AND drink), without blinking an eye.

Her first semester at college, she always had a supply of cookies in her cupboard......not fresh baked cookies. Not even a good Mint Milano. Nope, the cheapest, stalest store brand cookies she could get. No time for dinner or lunch? A few cookies would do, or maybe a Little Debbie Swiss Roll.

Her second semester, this girl and her roommate decided they could save money if they went in together on their groceries. They took turns buying chips, jarred salsa, canned chili, and cheese. (and a few other "necessities" like sugar smacks and a frozen pizza...or even rolls).

They had nachos every day for lunch. Every. Single. Day. Straight home from math class, whip up the nachos.

She teased her other roomie (love you court) for eating healthy...

I-----er----I mean, this girl I knew, came just short of the famous "freshman 15", and stopped at 12 extra pounds, and somehow did not go into cardiac arrest before her 19th birthday (did I also mention she had no problem downing a giant Jack in the Box burger AND shake at midnight?)

So where is this girl now? 400 pounds, living alone (except for her cats) with the pizza guy's number as her emergency contact?

No. She's right here...(surprise!) Somehow she survived, and can laugh about the round faced nacho loving girl she once was.

So you IS possible--believe me, ANYONE can do it!

You just have to start SLOW. It can't all be done at once.

I started turning things around after Robby and I got married. I had to learn how to cook--that's what wives do, right??

I fell in love with the food network, and learned a few recipes. We were dirt poor, so lucky for us, we couldn't even afford to eat out, which helped kick the fast food habit.

Then my babies came. Have I ever told you how amazing I think it is that our bodies were made to feed our own little babies?? IT'S AMAZING I SAY!!! I started to make sure everything that was going into MY body was something I wanted passed on to my baby.

With each babe, I learned a bit more, and tried to be a little bit healthier.

I slowly started making the switch to organic a little over a year ago.

And I'm still studying and researching and tyring new things all the time. Eliminating things here, adding a few there.

Isn't that what life is all about?? Learning? Becoming better?

I hope you can all make a teeny tiny change here, and and itty bitty one there....just to see how far it can take you....I think you'll be surprised.

I know that cookie-eating -midnight-grease-loving college freshman never ever EVER thought she'd be gathering up ingredients to make sweet potato patties and a nice side salad....if she can do it, you can too!


good luck.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

found today

-two dainty little flowery shaped bowls
-one little spice-ish looking jar
-"all about birds"
-a very cute children's book, with equally cute illustrations
-a HILARIOUS book on housekeeping (published in 1947)....boy am I feeling behind in my housekeeping skills. or lack there of. I will be sharing a few pages out of this one soon!
-one chair for our chairless table. I plan to paint it....someday.
the end.

breakfast (for dinner!)

Whole Wheat Waffles
with mixed berries and warm maple syrup

1/4 c oil
1/2 c applesauce
2 eggs
1 1/2 c milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 cups whole wheat flour
1/4 c ground flax seed
1/3 c old fashioned oats
2 TBS sugar
4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix oil, applesauce, eggs, milk, and vanilla. Add dry ingredients, and stir until everything is incorporated. Batter will be thick.

Ladle into preheated (and sprayed!) waffle iron, cook until golden brown. Serve with mixed berries and warm maple syrup.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

small town....

photos from Bedford, Thayne, and Afton Wyoming.

In a small town you can...

...walk down the street pulling your kids in a sled. Right down the main street of town! The locals will wave, and you will all wave back. at Jaun's House of Tacos. It is literally, Jaun's House!

...or, maybe you're craving small town diner food?? (good, run down your arms greasy!)
You have to try Hubs Smokin' Grill!

...check out all the cute shops....and admire the bar signs.
I loved Dog Eared Books!

...pick up your mail at a post office that looks like this!

...."hit the slopes", anytime, anywhere. The third photo is my favorite photo in the history of photos.
...find the CUTEST little house ever. For sale. $144,000. On an acre. AN ACRE!!! You dream of moving there and opening your own bakery. and having chickens. and running to sister's house right around the "block".

Monday, February 22, 2010


the end.

a little something...

recipe from Food Network's Ellie Krieger
It happens at about 4:00.....

I'm starting to think what/why/when/how to make dinner.

And I'm hungry.
And the kids are LOUD.
The house has been destroyed, cleaned up, and re-destroyed.

I need SOMETHING. And if I don't have something on hand, I usually go through about half a bag of chocolate chips.....

And then I found this little recipe and I am in LOVE. They are so so so easy, and just what you need when 4:00 hits.

1 cup almonds, toasted and chopped (toast in a pan on medium heat for 10-15 minutes)
1/2 cup dried cherries (I used dried cranberries, because that's what I had on hand)
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate (the darker the better I say!)
Melt your chocolate (you can get all fancy in a double boiler, but I melted it SLOWLY in the microwave--don't cook your chocolate, just melt it)
I also added a heaping tablespoon of ground flax seed, because I like to trick my family like that.
Mix in your chopped almonds and cherries. Drop by small spoonful onto parchment, ( I love a sprinkle of sea salt!) and let set up in the fridge.

Try to only eat them one at a time......they are so so so good (and not too bad for you either!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

city mouse....

.....which one am I??

I get so confused. Like my brain has been shook up and twisted around--the part that tells me which direction to go is no longer functioning.

It happens every time I go home, and just this last week when I ran away to sister's.

Until I was 11, I grew up in a neighborhood. In a little town, with little houses side by side, kids up and down the street to ride bikes and play with until the sun went down.

Then we moved. Out into the middle of a feild, more or less.

Our "backyard" slowly rolled into the rocky moutains. I learned to drive (a little white stick shift pickup!) on a two lane road--most my friends lived off of dirt roads. I knew how to saddle up a horse and go for a ride, and I once killed a rattle snake (the thought of it now makes me squirm).

I went to a high school tinier than you can even imagine, and I couldn't WAIT to get out.

Flash foward to now.

I can be to Target in 12 minutes. I am surrounded by good restaraunts. I can go to the gym whenever I want. The zoo. The museum. The library. All within a short drive. Life has never been so convienient.

We are happy. People everywhere, and we are content.

And then I drive down a dirt road.....

....and that's when I start to wonder.What if.....

......I'm still thinking....more to come...

Friday, February 19, 2010


We made it back! Now only a few more hours until Robby is home too, (away for a work, and we'll be back to normal(ish).

We have lots of catching up to do before then:
-shaving of legs (hey, I needed the extra warmth)
-naps (for everyone)
-we have no food, and we are hungry
-running off all of sister's amazing chocolate chip cookies

I'll be back on Monday with lots of stories to share.....see you then!

Happy Weekend!