Monday, February 1, 2010

run, eat, and then repeat

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 cup chocolate chips (I like the Ghirardelli 60% cocoa in these)

Mix pb and brown sugar in mixer on medium speed until nice and blended (around 3 minutes)
Add eggs. Mix well.
Mix oats and soda.
Stir in chocolate chips.
Dough will be sticky and ooey gooey (professional baking terms there)
Spoon onto parchment lined baking sheet, and bake at 350° for 10-12 minutes.

ps is that my new table?? maybe.....still needs to be sealed....look for pictures soon!

I made cookies Saturday.

Not surprised?

These long winter months really get to me.

I talk alot (and have the photos to prove it) about eating yummy things and baking tastey treats. I love both.

But what I love just as much, is exercise. (remember this ramble?)

So maybe I work out.... hard. I LOVE to sweat!! (I'm counting down the days until THIS race!)

What you don't know, is that before I made my cookies on Saturday, I ran 7 a small batch of cookies was a-o-k.

I guess what I'm trying to spit out, is a little something about balance between diet and exercise. Hillary pointed out last week that most diets tell you to skip out on cookies, cakes, bread, and basically all things delicious.....

I do not believe in diets.

I DO believe in food.

Good food. Real food.

I believe that you can eat anything you want, if done in moderation, and if you find what exercise YOU need to balance it out. For me it's running, and my new love of yoga. You may find something different works for you.

I'm also happy to say that we eat pretty healthy around here.

Yes we eat cookies. But I usually make a small batch, and we love to share with our friends.

We eat mostly all whole grains (with the occasional loaf of yummy crusty white bread to dip in our soup....of course!)

Whole grain pastas and brown rice. Whole grain bread--my kids don't know the difference.

LOTS of fruits and veggies. We love all kinds!

I'm not a meat lover, but we do love good chicken. And salmon....mmm....

We don't eat fast food. I have not been in a ff restaurant in years....(although I do love a good burger from here every now and then in the summer....but way too good to be called fast food!)

We only eat out a few times a month.

So I feel like we have earned a little wiggle room to eat some least that's what I like to tell myself....

I am very interested to know how YOU find balance between diet and exercise?

Also, I want to continue our conversation TOMORROW about eating REAL food.

and...I finally saw THIS movie. I LOVED it!! We should talk about that too....see you then!


melissa ellen parker said...

Over the past 2 years reading your blog, I have noticed that you keep a great balance. I think homemade baked goods aren’t so much the problem as all those processed “treats” you buy in the super market.

I love running and yoga too. I’m not big on sweets, but I love cheese. I have to limit the amount I purchase so as not to eat myself into mad cow fattiness.

I must watch that vid! Been meaning to and just haven’t!

melissa ellen parker said...

and by "you" (relating to supermarket) i didn't mean YOU! I meant - the general population :)

Anonymous said...

I think you summed it up well! To me, healthy food is about using whole foods, eating a lot of vegetables, and knowing when I'm satisfied. I love running and yoga, and try to mix it up with a little kickboxing or plyometrics here and there.

This weekend we indulged in french toast on Saturday and hot chocolate on was great snow food! Now my body is craving lighter is so wise.

Oh my gosh as I was typing this my husband just called to tell me he just got the job we've been waiting to hear about! Now my body wants champagne!

banananutmeg said...

what is this movie? Where can I watch it?

Also....Mmmm cookies.
I shoot for all things in moderation...but I usually end up doing everything in extremes. As long as everything is extreme, it's all the same, and therefore all in moderation, right? Play hard, work hard, run hard, eat hard.
I need a race on my calendar! I am loooooooosing motiation!

sheena said...

meg: we got it through netflix. do you have netflix? you should.

um....and maybe you just described me with your "extreme" theory. Why else do you think I'm running another 180 mile relay?? so I can eat the equal amount of food. that's why.

Jessica F said...

I believe that there does have to be a balance and yes food in moderation! I used to eat anything i wanted in college, but I worked out like 3 hours a day everday with all the sports and gym time, so I never gained wait. Then after college (and marriage it got much harder) and I cant go work out for 2-3 hours a day with kids and b.c im exhausted. So I do need to watch what I eat. But also coming from a nutrition health major- nutrition is just as important to your body as exercise. That is a conversation for a whole other I could go on foreverrrr. Anyway, have a great day girl!!

VegeCooking Club said...

These cookies look really good especially for the fact that they are flourless! I see that you saw food inc. I haven't gotten the nerve to watch it yet but I have been reading ABOUT it and I completely agree with Michael Pollan's views.

Jill said...

just added zumba to my workout routine. what a blast! i was always scared to try it for fear of looking like an idiot. which i pretty much did. but who cares? right?

i don't diet either. everything in moderation is my motto. i seriously go nutty if i know i'm not allowed to eat certain foods.

surprisingly, we actually enjoy eating healthy foods. lots of salmon, steamed veggies, whole grains and not too much sugar.

for me, the key to success is making eating well and exercising regularly a lifestyle.

Hayley said...

i need more yoga.

and more cookies. made Whole Wheat Choc-Oat-Chip this weekend. primary class LOVED them.

and more veggies. i added bok choy and eggplant to the menu this week - should be interesting. eek.

Meg said...

I like your attitude about eating and exercise. I'm totally feeling not balanced right now. It's hard to eat healthy when you can't eat raw fruits and veggies that don't have a peel (lettuce... totally out!) I'll have to check out that movie... I look forward to balance again.

Anonymous said...

I believe moderation is the key. And I can say from experience that those are fabulous least the variation I've tried. When you tell people they're flour-less they look at you like you're bluffing. It's a pleasure meeting you. I'll be back.

melissa said...

what the flourless! how fun. thanks for the recipe.

i'm sure everyone who reads this already knows this, but i think you've really got to love your shape--while you're balancing good food and good exercise. no matter how much i run or how much broccoli i eat, i'm always going to be shaped like a pear. but that's ok because i love pears.

Rae said...

Dear Sheena,

Found you through Natalie Norton's blog (a comment you made?), hopped on over here, and wanted to say--YOU ARE AWESOME! I LOVE your blog!

The end.

Rae said...

*ahem*...I did have a REAL comment to make, too, I mean one pertaining to this post! I did the St. George Marathon in 2009, my very first marathon, and LOVED the fact that I could eat anything and everything I wanted without gaining an ounce...except guess what? I DID gain an ounce. 160 ounces, to be precise. Even in something like that, where your calorie output is so high, there still has to be balance with the input! I'm really learning we just can't get by without balance.

A Beautiful Life said...

thanks for the post, I kind of figured what the answer would be, you seem like a healthy family, most of your recipes are good and healthy. We actually eat quite healthy, only whole wheat pasta/bread/rice/, ground turkey and fruits and veggies. I suppose I may have too many fruit snacks and crackers for the kids, but I realized I eat quite healthy, so I think I just need to continue to be consistent with exercise..I haven't always been consistent..I get on kicks for a while, but never just did it everyday, so that is my goal this year to have NO EXCUSES and to fit in my fitness every single day..I'm not much of a runner but I'd love to be, I need to learn patience, that my body won't be able to run nonstop for miles and miles at the very beginning. I love to dance so I shake my booty too which works up quite a sweat!!!
I was curious because I've tried like barely eating..and I've tried no carb..and both give me headaches and great fatigue..and I'm a fruit lover, so I think i'm on the right track in watching my portions, and amping up the exercise and continue with consistency, and if I want to eat a cookie after a 7 mile run..or, er..a 1 mile walk..then I can! ;-) Thanks for always being inspiring, even if you don't realize you are...

Katie said...

I love to work out, too! I don't always have the time or the energy to do so, but when I do I love to go to the gym and spend a couple hours there, or go run five miles. I enjoy it mostly because it hurts so bad, that when it's done I feel awesome.

Rachelle said...

can i type a whole paragraph here?!?

so you know me, we share the same love of cookies. and we make them almost every weekend here. but really, during the week we eat tons of veggies and oatmeal and lean meats and all other good things. daphne won't eat white bread, only wheat because that is all she knows. and i have to exercise a lot to feel okay with my cookie intake. so...

i guess that's our balance!

ps i need to see that movie. putting it on our netflix list now!

Kandice said...

Do you listen to music when you run? If so I would LOVE to know what you listen to. I'm in desperate need for some new running music.

Anonymous said...

wow, i've never heard of flourless pb cookies before. i'd like to give this one a try.

exercise? yes, it's a must and absolute requirement especially since i love to eat. i feel dirty when i don't work out.

i'm impressed with your 7 miles! said...

those cookies look amazing...okay anything with peanut butter looks AND tastes amazing. And YES I completely long as things are balanced and you use moderation!! So yay to cookies, brownies and my all time favorite CHOCOLATE!

summer said...

oh sheena. i must say it again. how happy i am to have found you! everything you bring up is right up my alley, not to mention super charming. you have several stars in my google reader right now.

i couldn't agree with you more on real food, balance, moderation, and good choices. i am eating this all up.. do keep talking! i can't wait to scroll up and read today's post.

ps. my husband and i have food inc. lined up in our netflix queue. we've been waiting to see this one.

pps. seven miles.. bravo. way to sweat. this winter i can't seem to get back into my running swing. hmm. any advice?

Hercules sport said...

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Unknown said...

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