Friday, February 12, 2010

lovey dovey love love

Dear Robby,

Remember our first Valentine's Day? You wrote me a song about the bubble gum stuck on my pants.

Remember when you proposed in San Francisco? I liked that.

Remember how you didn't care that my hair looked like this?

Remember how I was 19? whoops.

Remember how I didn't know how to cook.....anything?? Thanks for sticking it out.

Remember how we've kept the same inside jokes for 8+ years (ding;)

Remember how you are a lover of punctuation smiley faces :>{)

Remember how I can be sarcastic?

Remember when we both went to school AND worked full time, so we would stay up every night until 1 am just so we could play?

Remember how we've moved a thousand times?

Remember how you gave me my two favorite little loves in the world?

Thank you.

Remember when we finally saw that movie and both laughed really hard at "serious" parts, like when that guy said "Come to Papa".

Do people really say that in such stressful situations?

Remember when you took me to the concert to see these guys and these guys (loved it!), and we got smashed and I ate that girls ponytail and we felt really old especially when we got home and washed our hands and took our vitamins right away?

Remember how I am a pro at run-on sentences?

Remember how I love you?

don't forget it.


***happy valentine's day!!!***


cara lou said...

You guys are my favorite!

lisset said...

cute! happy valentine's day dudes!

Shannon said...

You are guys are the cutest. I love 3D glasses too. Definitely hot. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Lillie said...

I'm not much of a commentor... but the part where you ate the girls pony tail and felt so old when you got home and washed your hands and took your vitamins? I laughed so hard I blew my nose a little. So funny... and it happens so fast--- right? Adulthood. Weird.

Love your blog.

melissa said...

when you said you got smashed, i thought for a second you were being british and meant you got drunk, but then i realized that you actually meant you got smashed. ha. and i totally relate. concerts are so stressful now.

summer said...

no. way. i just wrote my own 'remember our first valentine's' post! but i won't be posting until later. funny.

anyway, back to you and your cuteness. thanks for sharing. and for being funny. loved it.

sheena said...

hahahahhh!! no, not "smashed".....literally "I can't breathe" smashed. a bit stressful yes....although I would probably do it again.

Jill K said...

You guys are so cute. Happy valentine's day you sweet sweet lovers.

Unknown said...

so guys are so lucky that you have each other and have such great chemistry..from what it seems guys are the type of couple i picture actually growing old which is a change in ths era....

loved it
happy valentines day

Natalie said...

Awe! I love it! said...

so cute :)

Sprouted Kitchen said...

adorable. love is pretty great.

carol said...

what a cute post! happy valentine's day! :)

A Beautiful Life said...

Sweet! and made me miss my own Valentine and our antics together, but he will be back in the America in March and we can celebrate then, and of course mouthwash before we kiss..;-p

Jalene said...

this was the cutest post ever. i love it!