Friday, February 26, 2010

friday feet

from last week...
erin: unfortunately erin's computer crashed, so her feet were a little busy crying (and I cried for her too) this photo is from Thanksgiving in California last fall.
sheena: sledding feet.

love the contrast.


gram said...

.. love the little 'buggy' with pink mittens strugling up the big hill!

Lauren said...

love seeing changing season pictures. thanks for your sweet comments yesterday:) can't wait to browse through your lovely blog!

Teresa said...

Oh I just adore FEET shots too Sheena!
Pop over to my good friend Koralee's blog...and check out all of her FEET shots!
She loves FEET too! ;o)
Pop on my blog...
scroll down to BLuebird Notes on the sidebar...
and pop over!
Oh you will just ADORE her magical little world!