Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Love

We love red potatoes + olive oil + rosemary + s&p + 425° for 40 minutes.

I love this guy. I love that he wore swimming goggles to cut our new bar (photos coming soon!)
I love buying tulips for myself in the middle of winter. Just because.

I love that Robby got me THIS new cookbook for my birthday. I cannot wait to dive into it!

I love (obsess maybe?) over the photography of Gemma Booth.

and it's official. this model has inspired me to grow out my hair. and maybe get a llama.

I loooooooooove me a good cover. I could listen to this song a billion times (and maybe I have).
"Hey Ya'" by Obadiah Parker.

Happy Weekend!!!

What did you love about this week?


{lizzythebotanist} said...

DO. IT. grow that hair out! maybe the llama would keep your pervy neighbor away?!

Cherish Stockdale said...

I love your blog, and my red frot door ;)

Tara said...

Her pictures are pretty, but I really like the swimming goggles pic. Now THAT is some real photography.
Please share good recipes from Giada's cookbook. Doesn't it kinda look like her whole boob is exposed at first?

Shannon said...

I like the Helga braids in the photography pictures. I think you could definitely pull off the hippy llama look too.

I love my birthday boy! And Pizza Hut pizza. Mmm.

Marcina said...

I love your cookbook :)

Rachelle said...

we love red potatoes.

and your butternut squash recipe.

and your bread recipe.

gram said...

.. wish we lived closer so you could cook for your gram! .. (and the furry little animal is an 'Alpaca'... now you know!

Jill said...


i'm jill.

the other jill introduced me to your blog.

and i like it!

i'll definitely be back...

nice to meet you...happy weekend :)

Unknown said...

I love your blog, and candles, and the sun. :)

Katie said...

love that tulip picture!

Anonymous said...

that hey ya cover is really clever. that guy can really sing.

what i love about this week:
1. it didn't rain today. the sun was out and nice and bright.
2. learned about the light meter in my photography class.

Kandice said...

I heard this cover (kind of) on Scrubs awhile ago and I loved it! This guy was probably the inspiration for it.
I love the tulips and can't wait to see pictures of your bar!
Those red potatoes look delicious.

A Beautiful Life said...

lol, the goggles pic is hilarious, he looks like he is not from this world! ahaha..I want some potatoes now for dinner, and I love Giada and her fresh, clean cooking, and I can totally imagine you with long hair and a llama..I'm sure the llama can carry your camera equipment on its back while you're on location taking photos..;-) I love Friday blogs about how people love Fridays!

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