Thursday, January 28, 2010


note: the sun came out today
note: we loved it
note: we played "hotstotch", rode bikes, and chased our shadows
note: it started to get chilly, (which I suppose is acceptable since it IS January after all)
note: we went inside and had hot cocoa

note: it was a good day.


summer said...

it makes me happy to hear that days like this actually happen.

ps. it also make me super anxious for some li'l 'hotscotch' players of my own.. someday, someday.

Shannon said...

It was so nice this morning! I was planning on taking the kids to the park this afternoon, then when they woke up from their naps it had gotten much chillier. I'm sad we missed the window. I still enjoyed not wearing a coat for a few hours though. I hope that more days with sun are in our near future.

Jill K said...

The best kind of hopscotch is the kind without the 'P'.

Tara said...

I got so excited, I took the kids to the park for a PICNIC and some playground time. It was only like 41 degrees. Bad idea. So cold.