Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

Place: Grandmas house
Time: The girl made it to 10:30. The boy 11:15. We: played games until 3ish.
Games: The boys and their nerdy xbox. The girls and my new found love for Settlers of Catan. Why have I never played this game before? Why am I still dreaming of farmland domination? Why do I some day hope to own every expansion pack. Who's the nerd now?
Food: Fondue. Fondue. Fondue. too much fondue.
Percent of evening the girl spent with fingers up her nose: 80%
What we were doing at the exact moment it was 2010 (two thousand ten? twenty ten?): playing catch phrase and trying to figure out exactly when it was in fact, 2010.
Why: do I look so much bigger than the rest of my family.
Happy New Year.


Nellie and Jason said...

oh my gosh. we are Settlers Addicts. We played Saturday night, and last night...LOVE IT!

merideth said...

i love games... and i have never played settlers. i have heard about it, but never played. i will need to do that.

love the pic. so cute.

Unknown said...

super cute photo happy new years

Shannon said...

Ok. Seriously we love Settlers and are always looking for people to play it with us. Let's do it! I am way impressed that you stayed up until 3am. I don't even remember the last time I did that. I remember how I woke UP at 3:30am to leave on our trip to OR. That sucked.
PS-Here's a humorous little article about the correct pronunciation of the new year. :)

Kate said...

Hi Sheena! Love your blogs! Would you invite me? Promise I'm not a creep. You can check us out here --->

dust and kam said...

We love Settlers of Catan! Every now and again when we don't feel like pulling it all out for a quick game, we play on facebook. :) Not quite as fun, but you can play your friends and family far away. :)

Oh... and Fondue is the best.

A Beautiful Life said...

fun times, especially when you get to be with extended family as well! the "looking bigger than the rest of my family"..its just depth perception, I noticed that when we took fam pics on the couch too, my husband looked shorter and smaller than me, and he's 5 inches taller! they must sink into the couch lil family is the cutest, glad you had a great holiday, I can't believe my hubby sang kareoke on New Year's Eve at our friend's party, I'm sure it will be on Youtube soon..;-p love all your blogs, woohoo!

gram said...

..glad we were part of it... still laughing at 'little boy's' answers to 'catch phrase'...