Wednesday, January 6, 2010

winter wednesday

I am not a fan of winter.


And since it's only January (gulp)....I need something to get me through it. So I'm going to get myself (and yourself) through this winter by MAKING myself love it. Can you force love? Let's try, shall we? Every Wednesday I HAVE to post at least one thing that I love about winter. That's the only rule.
Can I do it?? Can YOU do it?
This week I LOVE scarves. Red scarves. Striped scarves. Any color scarf.
I also love a bright colored coat. On a cold dreary day, it just feels so good to put on something bright. Sister just got this one in yellow, and I love it.
or how about this one, on sale!

And as long as we are here, trying to force ourselves to love winter.....have any tips on how to make it better?? I have been loving showering with THIS, it makes my day!

How are you surviving winter?? What do you love?


Shannon said...

YAY, I'm first! I LOVE the Da Vinci Gourmet Syrups! They are sugar free and make an ordinary cup of Hot Chocolate extraordinary! I Also love making steamers out of them. (That's just sweetened hot milk.)

If I'm out and about, I LOVE warming up with Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider. YUM.

Heather said...

Winter is SO hard for me, too...especially after Christmas! I just daydream a lot about spring and summer until it actually comes! I know I shouldn't complain about it as much as i do, but I just can't help it. It's miserable>

A Beautiful Life said...

I'm in serious need of some scarfs, I like that about winter..the accessories, long sleeves, scarfs, and I like wearing jackets and sweaters, I can be a little pudgy and its not as noticeable..;-)

Hayley said...

delias. ha.

someday i will have need to buy a winter coat. i'll call you.

Angel said...

I LOVE Winter! Really. I can't wait for it to come every year, and I hate to see it go. Sorry, no suggestions here. Try a good book and some hot chocolate. Nice sweaters and long sleeve tees are great too!

banananutmeg said...

oh man, blast from the past. I eagerly awaited my delias catalog arrival in high school. They still have cute stuff, it's just been forever since I've seen that logo.

I hate winter.

And I don't use the word HATE often.

I effing hate winter.

I'm sorry. I'm ruining your game!

Ok, um.....


snow days!

There are a bazillion things I do NOT love about an ice/snow day, but I do love that Aaron was snowed in and couldn't go to work for 1.5 days this week. More Aaron = happy family.

Also, I haven't had to nag said Aaron to maw the lawn since winter set in.

I plan to shop, run, and get a haircut and a massage (thank you, BFF mr. gift card) to get me through winter.

sheena said...

yes. I still love delias....ok? so cute, and their end of season clearance is insane! (swimsuit for $20!!) And every time I get the catalog it brings me straight back to 7th grade.

Natalie said...

Am I the only one who has never heard of delia's? How lame am I?

But I love that cute yellow coat! One of these days I will forgo the black coat and rock a bright one.

I love the cold clear winter nights when the stars are extra twinkly!

You Are My Fave said...

I'm so not a fan of winter. January and February are the worst. But I do love a little red coat and a stripey scarf. Makes things a little better.