Tuesday, January 5, 2010

deep thinking while down dogging

photo irrelevant, just pretty.

It's this time of year that everyone starts to think about living a healthier life.

My inbox and mailbox (remember real mail?), are full of flyers and discounts for the "#1 weightloss pill of 2010", fat burners, fat cleansers, fat evaporators. Doctors are emailing me--OPRAH, yes THE Oprah, emailed me and wanted to share her weightloss secrets with me for the new year. There are pills to swallow, chews to chew, diets where they send YOU the food, diets where you don't eat food at all.

This is when I want to give you my little piece of advice, free, just for being here.


Did you just groan?

You hate it. Why?

As I was bending and twisting and stretching my body today in my pilates + yoga fusion class, I could not stop thinking about how much I loved it.

Loved that I am starting to take all this crazy breathing and inner peace mumbo jumbo seriously (I only get the giggles every now and then) and it's working.

Loved that my legs hurt.

Loved that my arms were tired, and just about to fall off.

Loved that I really wanted to sit down on my mat and quit.....but I didn't.

I am so thankful (don't even get me started on this one) for all that my body does for me. It's healthy and strong. It lets me dance across the room like a princess with my girl. Body slam my boy in a heated wrestling match. It lets me hug Robby when he comes through the door at the end of the day (and body slam him if need be). It makes trip after trip up and down the stairs for one more load of laundry. It tries to hold it's own against the whirlwind that is Charly the big yellow dog.....but that is another story.

All it asks in return is that I care for it. Keep it tuned up.

If I am correct, you too have been given an amazing body that needs to be taken care of, right? Last time I checked bodyless spirits weren't really in to blogging....

You don't have to run (although, I will convince you to if you like). You don't have to do yoga (although your body will love you for it).

Just find something that you can connect with.

Break out your Jane Fonda tapes--do anything to get you going!
You would be amazed what a little stretching can do for you.

There will be times you hate it. Times you want to quit. But you won't--you'll think of all your body does for you, and you'll feel so good knowing you are paying it back--no gimmicks or tricks....just good old fashioned exercise.

Here's to a healthy 2010!

namaste. (giggle)

*I think I should check in every now and then to see how you are doing.....yes?? I'll also be following up soon with healthy eating....NOT dieting, but just eating healthy, because it's very important too.*


Shannon said...

I absolutely believe some people enjoy exercise more than others. I am with you. I hate running, but I definitely get that same "runner's high" from swimming. My mom, on the other hand, truly loathes all traditional forms of exercise. Luckily she has a very active job and an insanely unfair high metabolism (only unfair that she didn't pass it onto me). I have been majorly slacking with all the holiday busyness, but of course I am trying to get back on track. Today I had a 20 minute intense dance party with my boys. It was super fun. I was sweating and I'm pretty sure I will be sore. Is that just sad? I thought it was great. Same benefits (plus fun with my kiddos) as my Denise Austin video. Anyway, thanks for the reminder of how awesome our bodies are! Let's all get moving!

Rachelle said...

oh it is so simple. exercise! duh!

cara lou said...

Loooved this!!! And so so true. I've always hated exercise. PE and gym were my worst nightmare. I actually did have nightmares about running. However, now that I actually do it as something I don't HAVE to do, but rather as something to make me strong and healthy, I LOVE it! I've never felt more energized or like I'm strong enough to do anything I want. It's the best!!

I especially feel grateful for also having a body I can do anything with. I've had body image issues ever since I can remember, but it's getting better. I love the line from a Regina Spektor song "I have a perfect body, but sometimes I forget. I have a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat." I'm so lucky to have a body that runs completely smoothly and perfectly! I'm going to work hard to keep it in good running condition.

Burk Family said...

Sheena, I just got a subscription to "Experience Life" magazine for x-mas. You have to check it out. LOVE it because it's not plastered with retarded articles on how to get your best butt ever. Just healthy advice and articles about moderation and being healthy. Gotta check it out. You can see a lot of it online.

A Beautiful Life said...

Great post! It's true..the key is exercise, and not pigging out everyday all day long..I'm always a great STARTER of exercise, but haven't been very consistent in my years of marriage, although I LOVE feeling strong and getting a good sweat going. This last summer I walked, HARD, everyday with my SIL while I was pregnant and realized I started to crave it, maybe I realized I'm more of an outside exerciser, it motivates me more than a dvd...BUT this winter I have been run/walk on my treadmill and doing some good dvd's I decided to just switch it up more so I don't get bored. I hate feeling sore, but I love it at the same time..anywho, good reminder to keep our bodies in check and what greater feeling can you have then knowing your body is in tip top shape?..well, pulling on a size smaller jeans and having no "muffin top", woohoo!!! I already made my motto for 2010 is "no excuses", and declared this my "Hottie Tottie" year..lol..I'll do it! If you can run in 20 degree weather then truly there are no excuses to staying consistent! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jen said...

great reminder for us! thank you! :) and happy new year!

Brandon Bridge said...

Oh how I love yoga...but guess what? I haven't done it for months and months! Times up, I better get going :)

Kaylynn said...

Did you erase the "DEAR KAYLYNN" before you posted this?

Bethany said...

amen!! i was hardcore everyday + forever until i had my baby this year! help! how soon did you start post baby?! when did you find the time?!

banananutmeg said...

LOVE me a good long run. I started 5 weeks postpartum, then looked at a calendar, said HECK NO for another week. I hated it for a month...that's all it took. Now I am grouchy because it has been a week since I have run outside.

Thanks for the reminder.

Meg said...

This is a good post Sheena. I love exercising... I miss it! Maybe I should try yoga right now when I can. It makes such a huge difference in my life when I exercise. It's amazing how many people would rather try all sorts of crazy things instead of exercise.

Natalie said...

I agree that it makes you feel so good! I just have to remind myself to make the time FOR ME! Because I'M worth it. :) I just got into swimming before moving and LOVE it. Need to get to the YMCA to use the pool SOOOOON!

Smith Shelly said...

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