Sunday, January 3, 2010


as in, we are home.

but also as in, I got to spend the last few days of 2009, and the first few days of 2010 in my old home.

fighting (only while during competitive game play, because I am related to cheaters and liars (slam!))
new pajama wearing.
hysterical laughing.
eating until new pajamas didn't fit.
and so on.

what a good way to wrap up a year and start a new one!

more coming soon!


judi said...

Love it when you are home!

ps: got your UPS today....sigh...

Brandon Bridge said...

Wasn't Montana BEEAUTIFUL this winter?!? We were in Glacier for Christmas, oh how I miss it.

Melissa said...

How are your pictures so clear and crisp, what lens is that or are you using an action? Amazing! Glad you had a great time!

sheena said...

Melissa: I was using my 24-70....shooting around f/18 or so. I shoot RAW and sometimes bump up the clarity a notch or two in Lightroom if I remember....

ps. on the photos above, the second shot is at your driveway:)