Thursday, January 21, 2010

the thing they didn't tell you when you signed up to have a baby

the cuteness.
the crying.
the pooing.
the feeding.
the sleeping.
and not sleeping.
the giggles.
the tantrums.
the messes.
the messes on top of messes.

You knew about these things. You learned them from others. You read about them in books. Your motherly instincts kicked in and you knew what to do.

But what about this whole "growing up" thing?

Why does no one tell you about that?

How does he come out a teeny tiny baby, and the next day he is helping you sand your table?

And you're signing him up for Kindergarten.

And now YOU are the one up every night crying because you just don't want him to go. (dramatic, I know....that's how I roll.)

You want him to stay home every day and color and make cookies together, and you know you could be his teacher. You could.

But you won't, because you need to send him off into the real world ('s only for a few hours every day--it's not like he's going off to work the fields or shipping off across the sea.....again with the drama).

It looks like you have some growing up to do as well.

Maybe he can teach you how.


HeddyShea said...

what a great post! I'm expecting my first (a boy) in April- this made my day! Good luck girl- I'm sure you can do it!

gram said...

... what can GG say...

mommyholly said...

I felt the exact same way when my son went to kindergarten this year- it is VERY hard... :( Especially since I kept my son out of preschool so he could stay at home with me...!! BUT watching him learn and meet new friends and read little books... totally worth it. Time does fly WAY too fast though, boo! xoxox Holly

banananutmeg said...

crap! Kindergarten! I suppose I should sign Reese up for that.

judi said...

yeah....wait until you drop him off at college....Save some drama for that.

Jen and her men said...

It's painful. I know. And it doesn't seem to get any easier with each child. The growing up part scares me the very most.

A Beautiful Life said...

I was just thinking this on my vacation this I was watching my husband throwing my two oldest daughters around in the pool ( and I do mean THROW-I'm sure hotel staff was about ready to call CPS but they were squeals of delight, not terror, ha!) my oldest will be getting baptized this summer, what?? and my 2nd oldest will be turning 5 in 2 months and starting kindergarten, then my baby is already going to be 2yr old in Feb!! And it's already been 2 and 1/2 mo since I had the newborn!! maybe my body gets prego by my hubby just glancing at me cuz the little ones don't stay little very long...and I need to potty train my 3rd girlie, she tells me when she does her bizniz, but she'd not even 2!..soon, maybe this month while my hubby is deployed it will be my project, loved all the posts while i was away, now i can keep up with my daily red house fix..;-)

Natalie said...

I love love love this post. More than I love carrot cake....and that is alot. <3