Thursday, December 1, 2011

dear december,

dear santa, we have been good. 
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Dear December,
Let's try to keep it slow this year.....ok? 
You always fly by too quickly and we have lots of fun things to do, and  a very large amount of butter that I plan on using while you are here. 
So stick around for a while.

Dear Snow,
Where are you? It's December, you should be here.
I'm sorry I complain about you in February, March, and April......
...but it's December
I will welcome you with open (triple layers of clothing) arms.

Dear Christmas Music,
you make everything so magical! Thank you!
I hardly even noticed I was doing dishes with all the fa-la-la-ing going on. 

Dear House, 
I am so sorry. 
Boxes and barrels of tinsel and holly exploding everywhere I look. 
Ok actually it's plastic bins and cardboard boxes of pretty normal Christmas stuff, 
but tinsel and holly sounded better. 
Anyway, House. 
You are a mess. 
We will have you decked with sparkly ornaments in no time. 

Dear Body,
(are you nervous for this one?)
Today marks a special day for us.
You should be excited to know that we are done.....DONE! with antibiotics!
(some of you may know that I have been fighting (and beating!) Lyme Disease for the past 3 1/2 years.)
After almost three straight years on antibiotics (with a few breaks here and there and lots of herbals and magic potions to go with them), 
I just finished up the final antibiotic push. 
Body, this is AAAHHHMAZING news.
We are quite the team.

you are one of my favorite movies of all time,
and I can't wait to watch you 1,000 times this month and cry like a baby.

Dear Girl Next to Me in Yoga,
Sometimes you are really close, and I notice that your toenails are really long, and I'm afraid they might cut me. 
Let's maybe work on that. 

Dear Roaring Fire in the Fireplace,
You also make everything magical. 
You+Christmas Music and my brain just might explode. 

Dear People Who Say the Holiday Season is Stressful,
I am sad for you.
Maybe take it down a notch. 
Really, you don't have to take on so much stuff. 
You do not need your sweater to match your baby's hair bow to match the tablecloth.
Your kids don't need 137 toys.
Relax, and enjoy is the Best.

Dear Montana,
I miss you when it's time to go get a Christmas tree.
You know, imperfect little trees in the mountains, with snow and cocoa and sledding and using an ax.
These are things that the Home Depot tree lot doesn't offer. 

Dear Christmas Shopping Online,
bless you.
bless you.

Dear The Princess Bride,
you are a very fun book to read. 

Dear Burl Ives,
I realize that you are no longer living, 
but that doesn't keep me from wishing you could come read us Christmas stories. 
Your voice is the best.

Dear Self,
settle down. 
You get much too excited this time of year.

Sincerely Yours/All My Love/Best Wishes/Wishing You Were Alive/Thank you,


my little smiles said...

Oh my goodness Family Stone is my favorite as well, have to watch with a box of tissue that's for sure! Happy Holiday Season!!

Clandestine Road said...

Final push with antibiotics? Sheena, that is amazing news. Thank God! What a wonderful gift for you!

Lesley said...

love this! congrats on being done with the antibiotics... that is great news. and the family stone? i always forget about it being a "christmas-y" movie. i'll have to watch that soon!

Lori Folkman said...

If I lived there, I would bring you over a frosty glass of limeade to celebrate. Congrats!

And as far as getting a tree in MT, there will be no sledding this time. Sigh. However, it does make it much easier to pick out a good tree when their imperfections aren't hidden with snow!

Shannon said...

I literally sob every time I watch The Family Stone. Congrats on being done with the antibiotics! That's awesome!!! And I agree with the online shopping. It is SUCH a blessing. :) Happy December!

judi said...

Dear Eldest Child, I realize that I told you (alot) to settle down this time of year. However, I'm so glad that you are you and you make Christmas so ( and I do mean soooo) exciting and magical for your(our)littles!
Love you!

ps: Montana misses you too.

Lauren said...

Yay for being done with antibiotics! That's awesome. I love this post. Soooo excited for this Christmas season too!

Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo said...

Congradulations to you and your body!!!That is great,now you have to celebrate :-)

Becky at VintageMixer said...

loved this post! I too am sad for people who don't enjoy this time of year. Simple is best.

Tanae Nelson said...

Look forward to reading your thoughts and today you did not disappoint. I can't even image what a relief you are feeling right now to be done with your lyme treatment...I hope the following year treats you extremely well.

Rachael said...

Love your pictures! So cute that your kids are writing a letter to Santa! You have such great ideas for activities with your kids!
Congrats on your being done with antibiotics! That is awesome, and I bet it feels so good.
Loved all your 'Dear December's! Very cute.

purdywords said...

Dear Sheena,

This post was magical & such a treat to read. Thank you!

Yay for no more antibiotics! What a relief for you.

My husband took me to see The Family Stone when it came out in the theatre. (this was less than a year after my dad passed away from his battle with lung cancer). I sobbed--SOBBED! Almost the entire movie. Hugs just kept his arm around me and every 5 minutes or so kept saying, "I'm so sorry. Really sorry. Do you want to leave?" and everytime I replied, "No! I really love this movie. Really!" And I meant it. Truly. It's one of the best movies-sobs and all.

That's all. Happy, Blessed Advent & Christmas to you and yours!

Laura said...

Very very fun letters. :) I think I might have to watch that movie this year. Thanks for the heads up! And thanks for blogging. Super big congrats for the healthy news!

Dana Treat said...


I've been reading your site regularly for a while now and haven't commented. No good reason for that, I just haven't. I get a tremendous kick out of reading what you write and also admire you incredibly positive attitude. You also crack me up on a regular basis and I thank you for that. Huge congrats on the body news. Best to you and your cute family.

cup named grace said...

oh yay sheena...we too will be someday celebrating no antibiotics! love your way with words. thanks for sharing a slice of your life so often!

kassidi bridge said...

Brandon and I were just talking about how much we miss Montana this time of the year. LOVE everything about this post, and your fun, contagious excitement!!

Kell said...

dear sheena,

you are awesome.

love and joy,

Unknown said...

oh ive missed your blog-ive been reading it, but only at two am while nursing a newborn. SO by the time I wake I've already forgotten. This is one my favorites. You seem like such a great mom, and if you'd like the snow please take it from me in Denver. Cant wait to be moving back to AZ (2 week countdown) where its sunny all the time.

Simple christmas=happy family.
best game ever-

(it may look a little crazy, but i promise if you have a group of people that like to have fun-this is the best game in the world. i promise im not a paid spokes person.

happy happy december! cant wait to make a new form of granola-cinnamon is always the best!

Jacquelyn said...

so happy to hear you're finished with antibiotics...that in itself must be a wonderful start to this beautiful season.

I love your blog, it makes me laugh and brings tears to my eyes all at once.

I'm going to watch the Family Stone - the trailer was hilarious :)

Well, we don't go to the mountains to chop our tree, we do go to a friend's tree farm, all 6 of out "the tree" & cut it down.. have hot chocolate and a hot dog by the fire they have and every year there's a new story to add to the memories..

My house over this next week will feel special because I'm decorating (though quite behind this year, I usually like to be done December 1st so I have lots of time to feel the magic ;)

Thanks for an enjoyable daily read ...

Tyler and Ariana said...

agree, agree, agree on ALL of this. Burl Ives just sounds like Christmas.

p.s. this is super belated, but they don't call english muffins, english muffins in England. They call them white muffins. (Though I saw these things called Lancashire oven-bottom muffins which might be English muffins...)

tinajo said...

Congrats to you and your body! :-)

There's no snow here in Sweden either, makes it feel very weird! Personally I'm ok with it, but my boys would love some snow (and it IS prettier)! :-)

Anonymous said...

Could I use a little of your photos on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Love this post! So funny and true! Love this blog!

Camila Faria

alexandra said...

this is the greatest post EVER.
bar none.

merry christmas and happy holiday season :)

summer said...

sheena, you are so awesome! (the family stone. it gets better every year!!)

Aria said...

Ok, you are are the most darling blogger I've ever seen. You make me want to do more cozy little activities with my family. Thanks for sharing!

JoAnna said...

I love your letters. I did a thing like that for a while and I keep thinking maybe I should get back to it. It was a great way to let off some steam!

sarah doow said...

Dear butter, thank you for being you.