Tuesday, January 10, 2012

dear january

new year's eve
sparkler1 copysparkler2 copy
dear january,
you came in with a bang. well, I guess literally for us, you came in with a sparkle. But you've been absolutely charming and whisked me off my non-snow-booted feet.....what with your 50° sunshiney weather and all.

dear feet,
how much are you LOVING all this non-sock weather!??! It's great!

(ps. dear socks,
I am not a fan of you.
weird, right?)

dear snow,
did I offend you? I sometimes forget to bite my tongue when you stay too long.....but you haven't even come to visit yet?!! (less than 1 inch doesn't count) I'm sorry if I said something wrong. Please feel free to come visit for a little while, so we can go sledding together, and get cozy afterwards. And then you can be on your merry way until next Christmas (we missed you this year).

dear green grass,
as nice as this weather is, I really miss you.

dear school,
you are the WORST. you take my family away from me and leave me with time by myself.

dear time by myself,
when will you learn to be productive? you have a few mornings to yourself, you should probably get stuff done instead of fleeing to the trails.

dear trails,
you are the BEST. Because of the lack of snow (see above letter) I have never experienced you in January. Charly and I are thoroughly enjoying our climbs to your mountain tops each week. 
time wasted? I think not.
dear charly,
remember when we were running out-of-control-fast down that mountain (arms flailing) and I toooooootally fell. I think if dogs could laugh, you would have laughed. hard.

dear birthday,
you are this month!! be kind to me and leave me with more wisdom than wrinkles this year. 
it's our last year in the twenties......let's make it a good one.

you really inspired me. I want a bug display in my house....is that weird?
don't answer that. I think it's pretty. in a dead-bug-pinned-to-a-board kind of way.
dear garden,
I have been thinking about you a lot these days. About how I want to do things differently.......we didn't really click this last year, did we? I have been looking through seed catalogues and dreaming about the day we will meet again....months from now. Not soon enough.

dear babies,
where do you come from and how can I get one of you to come to my house?

dear mom and dad,
coooooooooommmmmmeeeee baaaaaaaaacccckk!! 
(that is me shouting because you are so far away)
we had fun, even though you cheat at games.

dear february,
you are my least favorite month. let's skip right on to march.

dear soup,
I really really love you. with all of my heart and soul and fiber of my being etc. We recently tried giada's soup (we are on a first name basis) with a few adjustments (less beef, more veggies) and it was a huge hit.

dear mr. martin luther king jr,
thanks for being awesome so we can have a holiday this month.

dear robby,
remember how we stayed up super late every night during vacation watching documentaries and then enjoyed sleeping in every morning. that was fun. let's do it again. soon.

dear full moon + bare trees combo. you are very january-y.
keep up the good work.
moon copy
sincerely yours/all my love/your bff/xoxo,


in dreams said...

dear sheena,

this list is the best! so many things to love about january. (though i need to get going on the garden plans! spring always sneaks up so fast...)

also, i love that moon photo.

someone who doesn't comment a lot, but reads each + every one of your posts. :)

Kimber said...

love these cute little letters! so funny that you mentioned you wanted your own bug collection, i most definitely had to make one this past semester for a class...and just about DIED doing so! who thought pinning bugs would be so poopy? every time a leg broke off i wanted to cry! complete agreeal (is that a word?) on this whole crazy weather thing though!

Karin van Dam said...
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The F Girl said...

Haha, I love this post. Very cute. About the bugs: I once was looking at a dead fly with the little ones. They said, with trembling voices (I thought):"Oh, it's dead". So I picked it up and wanted to bring it outside. And then a leg and a wing fell off. So I tried to hide it, but they saw it anyway. I was afraid they would cry, but they looked at me puzzled and said: 'Why mom, it's dead, so it doesn't feel anything, does it?'

Yeah well, I am mushier (is that a word in English?) than they are apparently. :)

I wish you a wonderful year.

Oh and PS. Please don't let februari be skipped. My birthday is in februari. Come to think of it... my birthday is in februari. Hmm, let's skip it anyway. But.. can I have presents anyway? I kind of like being spoiled with presents ;-)

Ashley said...

Loved this post and how creatively done it is. I also need to write a letter to soup:)

Anonymous said...

I adore your writing. So witty :)

Every day, my husband and I talk about the weather. I'm from Texas, so I say awesome to 50 degrees. He is an alarmist, so he thinks the planet is going to explode any minute. It's 2012 after all.

Clandestine Road said...

I love this and I hear you about not loving socks. My feet just want to be free, unless they're in running shoes.

That last picture and the picture of the mountains made my heart happy. Thanks for sharing.


Clandestine Road said...

This soup is amazing.
Instead of just four cups of stock, I added a can of coconut milk and then enough stock to make the four cups. Unbelievable. It is velvety and hearty in equal measures. Use the purple potatoes. They are so beautiful and delicious. :)

Char said...

Beautifully said, Sheena. Good luck with school and enjoy the holiday off with your family. =)

Brittany said...

i love bug displays...in a non-weird sort of way, i have one in my house that my husband made in school a long time ago!

shutterbean said...

oooh birthday month! hope it's wonderful for you :)

you are such a ray of sunlight to my day. Thanks, Sheena!

Hannah Nicole said...

so pretty, so lovely. and those sparklers look like so much fun!

Laura said...

super cute way to write :) dear little red house -- I love reading you

Kasey said...

Great post! You just reminded me of my high school biology bug collection when I was 16. I pinned 30+ bugs, including an extra credit find, that earned me an A+!

Rachael said...

This list is great!
What would I say about January...hmm...well, you snowed for one day so far, for a little bit. It was pretty. But then you left, which is fine with me since I don't care for snow that much. So thank you January so far!

Hayley said...

sold on the bugs!

Becky said...

I think bug displays are super cool too and whenever I see one I want on too!

cup named grace said...

dear sheena-
you were a sweet stop between bank statement balancing {i am anal about this and should learn it all balances out on its own} and folding warm clean clothes fresh from my dryer. thanks for making me smile on a cloudy martin luther king jr day.

thanks for your words and desire to share them with us!

Anonymous said...

This January has been AMAZING! We went to bike-polo on Saturday..in January!!! I just went today with my kiddo on a field trip to the new UMNH. It is awesome and so much to see. I'm planning a date with the hubby without the kids to explore more.