Friday, February 24, 2012

summer dreams

all images from summer, 2011
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dear summer, 

 I had a dream about you. 
I was floating on a lake. 
sleeping, almost.
the heat of sunshine on my face, cool water on my back. 
You were there.
all around. 
in the water. 
reaching down. to me. 
and then I fell through the water. 
crashed back down into my bed,
 where the nights are long.
and cold. 
You were not near.
still far away. 
I know.

But ever since, I have been thinking of you. 
I hadn't forgotten.....
I have become very comfortable with Winter this year.
I admit.
We have had some good times together.

But you are still my favorite. 
how you light my day and kiss my skin.

Meet me soon?


Happy Weekend! 
may your dreams be of summertime!


Maria said...

I was just wishing for some real winter, but this post has made me long for summer!

Maria @ Orchard Bloom

Unknown said...

beautiful :) i am enjoying winter this year too...mainly because it's been super mild! the beach and that warm sun sounds juuuust about right, right now.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Summer is my favorite, too. Just because life seems so much more simple during summer days. I'm anticipating the days themselves, but not the harsh Florida heat.

Kirstin said...

I was just thinking about summer this morning as well. Especially my childhood summers, they were so full of simple but perfect things: reading endless amounts of books, swimming, eating ice cream off a cone, capture the flag, lemonade, fireflies, camping in the backyard. So many good memories!

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures! Summer is my favorite, too. Can't wait!

melissa said...

i saw that top picture and my heart leapt--summer! we are making plans to visit the desert to tide us over until then.

kylie said...

couldnt agree more :)
love your writing, here sheena.

Courtney said...

I've been longing for summer too. Hopefully soon.

Brittany said...

i know how you feel. i keep thinking ahead (way, way ahead) to the beach, and yoga outside, and big outdoor breakfasts and dinners, andandand...*sigh*

Nikki said...
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California Girl said...

I WANT your smores's awesome!!!!

Nellie and Jason said...

I am totally craving a s'more right now...haha.

kylee said...

this did not help my already focused on summer mind. i cannot wait for warm weather, constant sun and everything that the season includes.

MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

Those pictures and your writing...gave me goos bumps.

I love summer so much! Thank you for the nice thoughts on a cold dreary winter day here.

Lindsay said...

I love how poetic your posts are.

Unknown said...

summers are seriously the best thing ever! even though im back in az and that means 115 degrees fine by me! it feels like summer here already.

nancy said...

wow! stunning photos! you've really captured summer here... I'm living in Australia and we're still enjoying a rather balmy summer... (though today's weather is quite to the contrary).
looking forward to travelling through the USA in a few months - we won't have another winter for a long time.

JoAnna said...

UGH You're killing me!!! While we've had a ridiculously mild winter, it sure isn't summer and I love summer so very much! I wait for so long, with such anticipation for just 3 short months!!! Love the tomato picture!

Moonegirl said...

Beautiful poem! Loved it. Reminded me of floating in the Lake as a child. I'm in love with summer too, forever! Pinned it, hope you don't mind.