Sunday, April 15, 2012

oh whoops, I forgot to blog

me. arches national park.
It's been busy, let me tell you.
Last week was nothing much, but the

It involved a race. maybe my favorite ever.
jumping over rocks and cracks that fell to the center of the earth.
and then hiking across the slick rock of the desert with my family.
climbing up and over boulders.
red sand in our shoes up to our noses.

I'll be back to business as usual......shortly.


All Things Neville said...

I'm from Moab! Glad you had fun:)

Unknown said...

im anxiously awaiting to hear all about it. seriously sheena i didnt think anything could get me off the road back on to a trail-but i think i want to go back.

Laura said...

I want to go there so bad!!!!!! Can't wait to see what you did. :) I was missing the regular posts.....glad you're back!