Wednesday, February 13, 2013

lovey dovey love love

dating. 2002. 22 and 19.
Roses are red and violets are....
blah blah blah. 

You wanna know about true love? 
Let me tell you. 

true love is wearing his Ts because they are WAY more comfortable. 
true love is HIM accepting the fact that my hair will forever clog the drains, and ME accepting the fact that he will never stop biting his fingernails. 
true love is when he always eats the end of the sushi roll because the ends are always so big! I'm just not a fan of end-sushi, I'm sorry.
true love is laying in bed in the morning lonnng after the alarm went off, and trying to decide who is making breakfast and what is for breakfast, and who is making lunch and what is for lunch. 
wait--is that true love, or just lazy parenting?
true love is that I always load the dishwasher wrong, and that he refuses to look behind things when he's looking in the fridge "I don't see it! we must be out" "uh, yes dear, move the ketchup".
true love is that sometimes we lay in bed at night side by side, each reading our own book and joke that we feel like the Huxtables (except my pajamas aren't as fancy).
true love is two Littles running around that are bits of HIM and bits of ME. 
true love is my very favorite person to run/hike/bike/climb/explore/laugh/eat pizza with. 

true love, my friends, isn't diamonds or chocolates or teddy bears or cards with kittens holding flowers and riding a unicorn......
true love is all the little things. the quirky things. the mismatched things that make you fit together. jussssst right. 

What is true love to YOU?

Happy Valentine's Day!


Lauren said...

this was so sweet to read. happy valentine's day from a new follower :)
xoxo, lauren

Anna said...

super cute post!!

Caitlin said...

love this post. it's so true. my husband doesn't know how to look for things in the fridge, either. i think it's a guy thing ;)

Ashley said...

YES! This is perfect. The mismatched things that make us fit together and also keep us individuals! If you both didn't look behind the first row of things in the fridge, that could turn into a real problem. ;)

Amanda said...

This post is too cute. True love to me is picking up dryer sheets from the closet floor and telling him where his keys and wallet are EVERY morning. True love is also making me oatmeal every morning because he just makes it better. It really is all the little things.

Ang said...

love that riding a unicorn made your "true love is not" list - hah! ...and i feel the same way about end-sushi, and true love too, of course. :)

Kimmie said...

Sheena your blog is the BEST! It always makes me smile and laugh! My husband and I read your blog together (yes, that is one of our quirky things we do...we have a few favorite websites we enjoy and we read them together). We love your wit, your humor, your honesty, your zest for life!! You are awesome!

Here is a post from my blog about what true love is to ME! I feel grateful to have a marriage and love that is full of the quirky little things that make it so SO big!

ali said...

i super duper loved this.

Ana M. Adserías said...

True love is when you stay side by side in good moments... and you stay in bad and hard moments!

whitneyingram said...

True love is truly understanding "through sickness and in health".

Rachael said...

Very sweet post. I agree with all your 'true loves'. Still searching for my 'true love', but glad that you're having a great time with yours :)