Thursday, May 30, 2013

oh yeah, blogging

Whoops. It happened again, I forgot to blog.

Here is a little peak at what's been going on.....thanks to my iphone for all the photos.

We finished school last week! yaaaaaaaay!!!! Overall homeschool was a wonderful experience--we all enjoyed it and we all learned (me too) more than expected. We liked it so much I'm still trying to decide what to do come fall. That being said, we are still very excited to start out summer break. I'm so happy to just be MOM for now, and not the grumpy old school marm.
Sunsets here can get pretty awesome.
That's all.
We drove up the mountain over the weekend and found it alive and well. Summer is on it's way (so yeah....still some snow at the tippy top) but we are so excited to be spending more time up there soon.
Saturday morning I got up before the sun and joined some crazy girls for a hike up up up through thick twisty trees, leg-ripping bushes, and slippery rocks (no trail, mind you) and we laughed the whole way.
Good way to start the day.
My baby turned SIX!!! Whhhhyyyyy???!! All she wanted was to go to the zoo. Here they are watching the leopard pace back and forth. It growled and she swears it was saying "happy birthday".
I've been running!
And running and running, trying my best to get myself somewhat ready (I'm not) for a 20 mile race this weekend......eeeeeek!!
not pictured:
chickens (always chicken stuff going on around here)
late nights with friends
backyard BBQs
family bikerides
sleeping in (finally! hooray!)
mapping out road trips
planning campouts
(Arrested Development, of course)
cookbook final review (we're close guys!)
annnnd.....I think that's it. 

Be back soon!
Happy Weekend!


Alexxus K. Farmer said...

sounds busy busy busy! :)

Robyn said...

Sounds perfectly busy and peaceful. After doing 2 marathons earlier this year, this morning I did my longest run for ages..45 minutes! Keep running. Good luck with your race.

Eleanor said...

I seriously die over the pictures of the landscape where you live. Amazingly beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said... always! Trying a new trail this morning. I need to make more girl friends who like adventuring like me....oops this is Chad's wife...wrong username logged in

julie said...

Sounds about perfect. Can't wait until school is out for us too!

Laura said...

Sounds absolutely lush :) Good luck in the run!