Tuesday, June 25, 2013

beach babies

For the past 10 years, we have been lucky enough to have met up with Robby's family in Ventura for the perfect celebration of summer: the beach.
waves crashing
salty air
sand between toes. 
....and lots and lots of cousins. 

Ten years ago when it all started.....we'd been married for a year at our first visit to
"The Beach House".
It was my first time playing in the ocean and we spent our days in the water, only getting out to let the sun warm and tan our skin. 
We missed a year and then returned with a baby boy. One year old with the bluest eyes and an intense fear of sand.
By two the sand wasn't so scary, and we had a baby girl in tow. 
They napped, and Robby and I would sneak out to the beach to play.
The next couple of years blur together in a sea of sandy diapers and timid toddlers being chased by the waves.

We didn't meet up last year......
....and then....this year happened.
Somehow, I went to sleep one night and when I woke up my kids were big. 
Has this ever happened to you?

This year they were up with the sun each morning ready to sink their feet into the wet sand. 
Hours and hours on the beach--riding waves, catching sand crabs, and truly having the time of their lives with cousins. 
I had no one to put down for a nap, no diapers to change....
....so I watched. 
I watched them run and jump and cover themselves in the sea. 
I listened to them squeal and giggle and spit the salty water out of their mouths.
I thought about how lucky I am to be their mom and to watch them grow. 
I love having this beach backdrop each year to compare to the last--see how things have changed and moved and grown. 
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Please oh please, 
hear this. 
Take pictures of your babies....
.....no matter what they are wearing, how messy they may be, or what your background may look like.
That perfect shot you have in your mind isn't going to happen, so stop trying so hard. 
Their running, laughing, interacting, and just LIVING....that's what you want to remember.

And after you snap a couple, put the camera away.
You do not need to document
Live a few of them too.

Perfection lies in all the little moments, trust me. 


kassidi bridge said...

I love every ounce of this post. You are a gem Sheena. Your kids are lucky to have you!

Ashley said...

Every single one of these photos needs to be in a frame! So, so great.

Zizi said...
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Zizi said...

Thank you for this post, Sheena. My eyes were filled with tears at the end of it... my son is 8 weeks old and we try to take as many photos of him as we can. He is cute, beautiful, funny and we love him so much!

Chelsea Malan said...

Thanks for your inspiration.

melissa said...

i love that little striped dress! it almost looks like an old-timey one-piece swimsuit...you know the ones i mean? (i can picture goofy and micky mouse wearing them?)

Unknown said...

im not gonna lie, your kids are like instantly big!! what the what? wasn't i just reading a little while ago and it was your small ones 3rd? time flies and it drives me crazy, but it is so fun and i love watching every minute of it. i have put down the camera and enjoyed the moments for sure a lot more lately.

what actions did you use on these, or editing style. im super envious of the perfect beach pictures in there messy beach hair type of way. i need to know ;) we are heading to hawaii next month and your beach pics are always perfecto!

gram said...

Perfect!!... hugs to my kids!