Thursday, June 13, 2013

summertime and the livin's easy

name that tune

Come here......I have a something to tell you. 

Want to know the secret to a happy life?
Slow down.
Work hard.
Play often.
Summertime reminds me how easy it is to find happiness.
 Days are long, we take them slow. 
We work with the sun on our backs and play until the stars come out at night.
Over and over, every single day. 
I have been so happy this past week, and all because of simple things.
I wake each morning with kids sneaking in bed to snuggle. No alarm clock, just bed head and and a bony elbow in my side.
We do chores, run errands. 
We read.
Bikes are ridden, popsicles consumed. 
I hear their laughter all afternoon. 
We work outside, I spray them with the hose. 
Daddy comes home! 
This is quite the event. A party. 
We celebrate with waffles for dinner and return to the yard. 
We are expanding our tiny coop. 
I finally rounded up some dirt for our garden beds....which may be planted by fall, who knows.
I shovel and shovel and shovel earth for an hour and I can feel it the next day. 
It feels good.
Our hands and feet are dirty--stained with summer.
We have bruises and scrapes and slivers on our legs, proof we are having fun.
We make our summer uniforms......tie dye of course. 
We wait and wait and wait to unwrap our creations and giggle like it's Christmas when we finally can.
(See last year's tie dye tutorials HERE
Make these and your kids will think you are the absolute best ever. 
They LIVE in these all summer long)
I'm taking a break from my computer for the next week or so. 
We have a summer to explore and I don't want to miss out. I encourage you to do the same--grab someone you love and fully embrace summer with them. 
The internet can wait.

Slow down. 
Work hard. 
and PLAY. often.

Happy Summering!

ps. I have been sunk so deeply into summer that I realized I never got around to posting your How We Weekend photos for the month of May. We'll pick up again for June--so keep posting! I get so many comments about how people just love this hashtag project--and it's all because of you and your fun photos--so thank you! Can't wait to see your #howweweekend on Instagram!