Monday, August 12, 2013


lately we've had thunderstorms almost every afternoon. 
windows open, thunder crashing, the earthy smell of rain.

lately I think I'm having panic attacks because the kids go back to school next week.......noooooooo

lately we've been having THE most incredible sunsets. ever. 

lately I've been craving the desert. It's been four months.....and I feel it. 

lately I've caught myself with a kitten purring in my lap.....and I liked it. 
what is happening to me??!!

lately I am just so thankful for my friends. they are funny and smart and I feel so lucky.

lately I've decided that Amazon Prime is the best invention known to man.

lately I have come to realize that we live in the world's most fantastic community. when we got to church on Sunday there were giant boxes of zucchini and squash.....just for anyone who wanted to take a few. free squash! for people like me with lame gardens. perfect.

lately we've been checking to see if our chickies have laid an egg. we are still a few weeks away I'm sure.....but lately we are antsy.

lately I like baked eggs for breakfast.....or lunch.....or dinner.
baked eggs with tomatoes and prosciutto
-preheat oven to 400°
-add 1-2 TBS half and half or cream to a well buttered ramekin
 -crack two eggs into ramekin
-add a few small pieces of prosciutto, torn into bite size pieces
-sprinkle with gated parmesan
-top with a few slices of tomato
-sprinkle with coarse salt, cracked pepper, and your choice of fresh chopped herbs (I used basil and oregano)
-cook for 15 minutes for yolks that are a little bit runny, add a few more minutes for more firm yolks

make a whole bunch of these for dinner--just put all your ramekins on a cookie sheet!

what have you been up to lately?


Robyn said...

Baked eggs- that is what I'll be having for lunch then!

Eleanor said...

Last month we were having those once a day thunderstorms here on the East Coast. Summer thunderstorms are one of the most beautiful things ever!

melissa said...

lately, as in the last twenty seconds, i've been really really wanting to eat that ramekin of eggs + goodness.

Ally said...

lately, I have been doing my best to get organized and summer cleaning (since I totally neglected spring cleaning) my house.

Looks yummy!

eden greer said...

Lately we have been snuggling extra long in the mornings! All 5 of us in a full sized bed. We are blessed!

And I totally hear ya on the friends, they are the best!

Anonymous said...

Recently...too much time in the car - ha. And as much climbing as possible. You should escape to the Arizona desert. I speculate you'd LOVE's a nice escape in the winter.

Unknown said...

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Caper Away said...

This dish was sooooo good! And super easy. Thanks!