Monday, October 14, 2013

riding moab

I know I know. 
I've been gone so long!
But I have the best excuses, promise.

We skipped town for a few days last week and headed for the red sands of Moab.
We loaded the car with sandals, sleeping bags, and of course.....bikes.

I don't get out on my bike as often as I would like to, and after last weekend I just don't understand why?! There is something so addicting about quad burning climbs and wind whipping your face on the downhill. Add that to red rock mixed with desert sunshine and it makes me never want to leave.

Here are a few phone snaps from our rides....

slickrock trail
amasa back trail (I ran a race here, remember?)
Ali and I ditched the bikes at the top and hiked out to enjoy some desert solitude on the cliffs.
check out last year's Moab bike trip HERE

After a day spent biking on the rocks, be sure to grab a burger at Milt's!

Also, since the beginning of the year you've been tagging your weekend fun #howweweekend on Instagram. There has been such a good response that you can now follow @howweweekend (come find me!) where I'll be sharing YOUR weekend photos. 

I'll be back with more desert soon!


Brittany said...

Oooooh, this looks beautiful! What filter or program are you using on these photos?

jen bertoch said...

Hi Sheena!! the desert is my fav place too! im lucky enough to call moab home! since we moved here- we just cant stop exploring. ;)

i'd be happy to share my fav places / give directions! (because some of the places are like... turn left after the big rock... haha)

anyway- you can find me on IG @jenbertoch or email jenniferbertoch (at)

MoabUtah said...

Your opening lines ought to be a mantra. Will have to definitely quote you.

boy said...

This is my blog. Click here."