Friday, March 21, 2014

friday senses

powder for breakfast.
It's spring! It's Friday!! Woohoo!
Here's a peek at our week.

seeing: blue skies. melting snow. lots and lots of sunshine! spring is here (although I know winter is going to surprise us just a few more times this next month....)

presenting: I gave a presentation in school this week about healthy habits in early adulthood. I found THIS talk on dieting absolutely fascinating--check it out for sure.
schooling: Two weeks ago was midterms! I've made it halfway! These next few weeks are going to get crazy.....and I'm trying not to get nervous with all the papers/papers/papers/tests that will be happening. One day at a time, right?
playing: we've been up on the mountain every chance we get these past few weeks--ski season is just about over.
celebrating: Robby celebrates a birthday this weekend! I was with him when he turned 22.....and now he's an old old man. Can't wait to party.
dreaming: I won't lie.....I'm dreaming about summer.
reminiscing: We have been in this house now for a little over a year......crazy! It has gone by so fast ....yet also feels like forever.
reading: go back and read the comments from last weeks beauty post (HERE). I have the smartest readers in all the land! Can't wait to try some of the tips.

looking/feeling awesome: stuck in powder. laughing and flailing as robby takes my picture.

instagramming: I'm no longer posting your "How We Weekend" photos here on the blog--but keep tagging away and come follow the @howweweekend account for a chance to be featured there!
(new here? tag your weekend adventures #howweweekend on instagram so we can all see what you are up to!)
wishing: as soon as we are done in the snow, I need the trails to dry up so we can get the bikes out!

eating: quick and easy.....that's my motto these days. 
BURRITO BOWL // the little red house 
Burrito Bowl
I have posted exactly 1274 versions of burrito bowls on this is the latest favorite:
-brown rice
-black beans
pickled cabbage (cabbage and your favorite vinegar (white, white wine, red wine, apple cider...etc). Eat it right away or let it sit for a few days in the fridge. )
-roasted sweet potatoes (I always roast LOTS of sweet potatoes so I can throw them into whatever throughout the week)
-sour cream

Happy Weekend!