Friday, October 9, 2015

friday q & a returns!

Back when I used to be better at blogging I'd sometimes do a little Q&A....I thought we could start that back up we go....

Every week I get questions from all my kind/sweet/funny/adventurous/super cool readers 
via comments/emails/instagram/facebook.........and as many of you have learned I have the HARDEST time getting back to you. I just can't sit on my computer all day answering me crazy.  

For frequently asked questions (camera talk, etc,) check out the FAQ (which most definitely needs to be updated.)  

If I get questions related to specific posts/photos that apply to everyone, I will try my hardest to post them here every few weeks. .....ask away!

One of THE most frequently asked questions I've gotten over the past year and a half is 
Why did you decide to go back to school?
When I went to college the first time around, I had absolutely NO direction. I applied as a photography major and then decided 1) what was I going to do with that degree (haha funny, right?) and 2) I didn't have any equipment...or the money to get it all......was it really what I wanted to do? So I got an associates degree in "General Education" which basically equates to nothing, if we are being honest. I just had no idea what I wanted to do, I was tired of school, newly married, and felt like more school at that point would have just been spinning my wheels. So I called it good, and knew I'd go back someday. When Lucy was in school all day I knew that my time had arrived!
(I wrote about "going back to school" HERE)

headed to my nursing school interview. Lucy insisted on being in the tree to take my picture.......ok(?) 
Some things you should know, my chaco tan lines are ridiculous in my heels! Also, I played in a softball league this summer and the night before my interview I took a line drive right to my ankle--it was so swollen it hardly fit in my shoe. It was red and purple and huge--I kept my legs crossed throughout my entire interview process hoping no one would notice....I guess they didn't care--they let me in!

First day, of my first semester of nursing school.

Why do you want to be a nurse?

I love this question! I feel so strongly about this decision in my life that I am happy to share my answer. Many of you know I went through a whhhhoooollllllle lotta health junk a few years ago. In that time I saw doctor after doctor after doctor.....and I honestly hardly remember any of them. But I remember so many of my nurses. I had some really terrible nurses who treated my like a number, but mostly I had absolutely wonderful nurses who truly cared for me--held my hand when things got rough. I realized that a nurse can make or break your day, and I knew that I wanted to be that person who made someones day a little here I am!

Why blog?
I was recently asked why I decided to jump back into blogging when everything is so busy right now. Yes--it's super busy, and I'm sure I will have to skip posting from time to time, but I also really do love this little community we've built here. I loving sharing thoughts, food, and silly stories, and I always feel like my readers have so much wisdom to share with ME. I have been taking billions of pictures over the last year while I've been away, and I'm excited to share those too.

What biking gear do you recommend?
I get this question every time I post a biking photo on IG and I have to be honest......this really isn't my department. Robby has introduced me to the world of mountain biking and I am literally, just along for the ride. I have fallen in love with it--there really is such a thrill that I can't get from running. But I pretty much let him do all the bike-related-shopping. What I WILL say is if you want a good bike without paying ridiculous amounts of money, find a place that rents out mountain bikes--they sell all their rentals at the end of the summer. We are lucky to live in a popular mountain biking area, so we have lots of options to choose from, but it really is where you can find the best deals.

At least once a week I'm asked, "where is this!??" when I post a picture on IG. Here's the thing....I love sharing all kinds of great stuff with you guys, but some of it I've just got to keep to myself, sorry! If I'm up for sharing our favorite spots, I promise I'll tell you :)

From time to time I'm asked if I use essential oils
I am so late in the game on this one, but I have slowly started using them here and there, and finding oils I like. I don't recommend one brand over the other, but I mostly have been using Doterra--only because a handful of people I know well use this brand, and I can get their opinions and ideas on different things. Again, I'm not super in to it (yet...?), but here's what I can now say I swear by:
Serenity : I am not very good at sleeping (napping, yes. sleeping, no) It takes me forrrrrever to fall asleep at night, and then I wake up all night long. Since I've been using this oil (since spring) I SWEAR to you I sleep so much better. And  hey! Maybe it' placebo, but who cares, it's working!
Breathe : this has been great when my kiddos are feeling "stuffy" and has helped Jonah sleep better with his darn allergies.
OnGuard : It's been helping us fend off colds and flu since last fall....and it smells like Christmas.

So teach me, all you smarty pants....what are your favorite oils and how do I use them?

Next question/comment:
I hope you start posting recipes again!
Me too.....because that would mean I was cooking! We really just eat so simply these days (it has to be easy, and it has to be quick.) So it's a lot of eggs, a lot of beans, pastas, a lot of grilled meats and veggies. Nothing fancy, or really worth noting here, I promise!

So let me ask YOU a question. 
I need some good crockpot recipes. 
I've never been a fan of the crockpot because I don't feel like the food tastes very fresh, and I'm not a fan of all the canned stuff that usually ends up in the pot. But I know you all have some good recipes to throw together quickly in the morning, and can cook all day--will you share them with me? Also, what crockpot should I get? 
Mine is too small.....teach me!

One of our favorite meals is a good BLT and whatever veggie we have on hand. 
Here are my little bean snappers, helping me with dinner. 
Sauté your green beans with garlic and pine nuts in olive easy and good!

Have a question? Feel free to ask!
Happy Weekend!


John Adam said...

your article is creative and good idea. thank's for information.

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Anonymous said...

Love it when you share your thoughts, ideas, and yes - hiking trails (but you should totally keep your secret camping spots for yourself!) :)
"A candle loses nothing by lighting the flame of another." --kristin

Clandestine Road said...

Sort of a silly question, but I have tried to follow you on IG, but cannot. Am I blocked? If so, I'd love to know why. Thanks, Sheena.


(my user name is promulgatedopine )

Jillzilla said...

I have a Vitaclay that is a slow cooker/rice cooker combo and I looove it! The insert is chemical and lead free unglazed clay that I can take out and use in my oven for hot pots as well. They have several sizes and I feel like it really retains the freshness and flavors of ingredients. It has rice, brown rice, stew, and soup settings that can go up to a 12 hour timer and a "warm" setting as well. It cooks beans from dry in about an hour and a half and makes my grains perfectly every time. I eat mostly plant based and my favorite recipe to make in there is so simple. Dal with kale. (you might want to double the recipe for your tribe!)

3/4 cup red lentils
1/4 cup split moong dal
3 1/2 cup water
1tsp turmeric
1tsp sea salt
1 bay leaf
pinch of red pepper flakes
half bunch of kale

Cook all but the kale for about 30 minutes (maybe longer if you are using a traditional slow cooker) until porridge like. Stir in chopped kale and let it cook down for 10 minutes or so.

If I am feeling like a few extra steps I will heat up some coconut oil or ghee and temper some seeds in there (cumin, mustard, coriander) with a little garam masala.

This makes a great warming breakfast for those chilly months, too!

Check the Vitaclay out! Mine gets used almost every day.

Jackie Norris said...

I'm so glad you are finding time to blog again - yours truly is one of my favorites! You have motivated me to eat well, get outside, and I'm thinking about running... maybe :)

I agree about crockpot recipes! I feel like most the time the end up being kind of bland. I usually use my crockpot to help with meal prep - I'll cook large batches of beans, cook a whole chicken and shred it up, chicken stock, etc. Sometimes I'll use it for chicken tacos - a few chicken breasts, your favorite salsa, some garlic, s&p, cumin/chili powder/whatever spices sound good. I keep trying soups but they just don't taste as good as on the stove top!

Jackie Norris said...
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Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging! I realize I don't think I ever comment, but I am happy life is going well even if it is busy. It sounds like you have a perfect personality to be a nurse and people will be so happy to have you!

melissa said...

so here's my thing about the crockpot: i don't get why everyone (who cooks real food) is so opposed to them. i use mine all the time, especially in the summer when i don't want to cook. i don't have any great recipes though because i generally use it for cooking down whatever meat it is till it's all shreddy and then we use it for sandwiches, burritos, soup, pasta, whatever. it just means i don't have to cook meat. i also use it for any braising recipe and it is always fine...but i am really not that picky to be honest. my most easy and most used recipe is: frozen chicken, a ton (like a half a bottle) of newman's own italian salad dressing. and then at the end if i have sour cream or cream cheese or cream i mix it in because it's tasty. we eat that over rice usually. anyway. just do your meat in it. also baked beans. :) (i sort of get why it's hated: my mother in law makes a slow cooker spaghetti that i CANNOT EAT. ewwwwww.)

Lori said...

I am so glad that you are back at blogging! I have been super busy lately, and the crockpot is a lifesaver on those extra busy days. I just have the largest Rival brand crockpot, nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. My very favorite crockpot recipes come from the eat, live, run blog. The author has stopped blogging but it's still up. The recipes always taste super fresh.

Amanda Fetters said...

Black beans!!!! Huge pots of black beans. I like them cooked with a good glug of olive oil or bacon fat, some chopped onion, and some fat cloves of garlic...smash it up a bit at the end...they freeze wonderfully. One of my favorite snacks/lunches is a big hot soupy cup of beans with some melted cheese, a little sour cream, and a big spoonful of green salsa.

Allie said...

I have more essential oils than I really know what to do with but I love them. I use them in so many things, but most recently I started playing around w "perfumes" for myself. I like adding drops of lavender or tea tree oil to the fabric softener dispenser in laundry loads as well. I almost always burn a relaxing blend in the evening when I'm unwinding - and since we don't have a fireplace but I wish we did - I like adding cedarwood oil to my burner in the morning as the weather is cooling down. Have fun playing with them.

Shannon P said...

Balance from Doterra saved my butt in school! My anxiety and stress levels were through the roof and this oil blend brought them down to a manageable level. It was this blend that convinced me that essential oils weren't just "crunchy granola hooey" and since then I've fallen hard for them. Cedarwood and lavender together before bed have also made a huge difference in my sleep quality.

Congrats on taking the huge leap going back to school as a "mature" student! I too did the same thing after taking 10 years off to work and build up enough savings to be able to make it through without wicked levels of student debt. It was so difficult to juggle school and life, but was so worth it. I was so much more motivated and committed than most of my younger classmates and really blew school out of the water. I find I also have way more appreciation for finally being finished and back out in the workforce. I would wish you good luck, but having followed your blog for years I know you don't need it :P Just keep being your awesome self and you'll continue to go so far!

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