Thursday, March 15, 2018

The one where I admit I forgot how to blog.

Blogs are so 2012, am I right? I'm not even sure if I remember how to do this--and who is really reading this besides my mom (and only because she feels obligated)? All I know is that I was typing out an Instagram caption and I got so excited about the health benefits of my breakfast, my caption became waaaaaaaay too long, so here I am. I posted just ONCE last year--a passionate letter about public lands. Why not post about oatmeal in 2018?

Consistency is not my strong suit.

I am an artist. I don't paint (I want to try!), I can't draw to save my life, but I have to be creating SOMEthing or I will shrivel up and die a million deaths (artists are known to be dramatic). For years it's been photos and words that fulfill my need to create, but I've felt uninspired lately with our brown soggy landscape and lack of winter. Most of you know we moved a few months ago and have spent all of our free time emptying out and remodeling this great old house. Now that everything is functioning (notice I said "functioning"....because I'm pretty sure we will never be DONE), I have been back in my kitchen and it feels so good to get my hands dirty--I love to create simple and nutritious meals for my family to eat.

I also started working as a nurse in the fall, and I tell you what--it's given me a whole new appreciation for life, health, and taking care of our bodies. I have loved exploring nutrition these past few years, but recently I'm immersing myself a little deeper, and I am so excited about what I've been learning (and eating)--I have to share it with someone! Most of my patients are too sick to care about the benefits of broccoli and tumeric, but maybe you want to pull up a chair and listen? I guess you can say this is my attempt to save the world, one bite at a time.

I've been slowly chipping away at the book How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger. I don't have a ton of extra time to read right now, but I try to sneak a few pages in each day. The book is written in two parts--the first part details different diseases and how we can avoid them by eating right; the second part breaks down the author's favorite food groups and why they are so good for our health. The book promotes a fully plant based diet--I'm still eating meat (although less), and just trying to find ways to add more plants to every meal and snack. (And don't worry I still eat cookies, you know, for balance).

So let's start with breakfast. I love oats, and eat them almost every single day whether for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Lately I've been loading them up with as much nutrition as I can fit into the bowl.

[Go ahead and skip this paragraph unless you want to realize how nerdy I am....I have been studying up on antioxidants lately, and why we need them in our diets every day. It's so hard to explain in a quick blog post, so do some googling, and you too can be a nerd as you read about electrons, DNA, and superoxides and.....blah blah blah I lost you, didn't I? How I explained it to my kids was like this: think of something rusty. Why is it rusty? Because it's lived a long life out in the elements. Oxidative stress (or "rusting") also takes place in our bodies at the cellular level--this is what causes us to age. Sunspots and wrinkles on the outside, memory loss and worsening organ function on the inside. We are all slowly rusting. But antioxidants help slow this process--so eat up! I look at this breakfast as a big bowl of goodness that keeps me from rusting].

Morning Oatmeal
buckwheat (cooked in almond milk) I like two switch it up from time to time from rolled oats.
cashew butter stirred in when it's still hot--this makes it extra creamy and more filling thanks to the healthy fat in cashews.
almond milk (just a splash more if needed to thin it out)
spoonful of ground flax (omega-3s, antioxidants)
2 spoonfuls of chia and hemp seeds (more omegas, hemp seeds are a good source of plant protein!).
shake of cinnamon (super high in antioxidants)
 teeniest tiniest pinch of cloves because they are SO strong, but super good for you, and they make your oatmeal taste like Christmas.
berries-go crazy! This time of year fresh berries aren't always so great, so I keep the freezer stocked with frozen berries and I'll throw those in halfway through the cooking process. Not the same as fresh, but still good for you, and better than plain old oatmeal (if I use frozen I'll usually throw in a spoonful of coconut sugar since they tend not to be as sweet as fresh). The more pigment a plant has = the more antioxidants, so eat ALL the colors! Berries are also good for your immune function which is so important to me right now since waaaay too many of my patients have the flu.
nuts on top for more healthy fat and (you guessed it) pecans are high on the list of antioxidant rich foods (top 10 list HERE).
cacao nibs (or lets be honest most of the time those are dark chocolate chips).

And that my friends, was the longest recipe for oatmeal you've read, and probably one of the most unexciting blog posts ever. Keep in mind I've been writing long boring papers for the last four years (I'm stressing out I didn't cite my sources). So maybe blogging isn't my thing anymore....maybe I need to write a cookbook for food nerds.

*What do you think? Does anyone still read blogs? If I want to get back into sharing recipes, it has to be here, unless they are super short and easy (my favorite kind)--I can post those to IG. I've had so many requests to share house updates, and I will....haha someday (insert shrugging emoji). On TV they make is seem so easy to have your before and after pic all in the same month....we may be waiting a while for those "after" pics ;) But we really have made so much progress, I should share just to remind myself how far we've come*

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your oats!


Katie said...

I read blogs! And I love yours AND your food posts. Glad everything is going well, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I like your wittiness and authenticity!! I say yes to blogging and making your dream come true with that cookbook! Make the pictures amazing! I love cookbooks with great photos! True...we are what we eat...but, maybe, more what we “feel”!! I would have loved to have been a nurse!! My grandma was a nurse back in Estonia in the 20’s!! Inurturing ourselves is important and the more we can share with each other, the better!! Be all that you desire to be!! ~Jane~

Stacie said...

Love your posts and glad you're back...even if just for today! ☺ I say...continue your blog whenever the spirit so moves, observations, cute kid pics...and do a cookbook too! Definitely going to try the oatmeal recipe AND check out the book you mentioned.

Danielle D. said...

I’ve never taken your blog out of my feed reader and loved seeing a post pop up today. :) Would love to hear/see more on what you’re eating these days!

Emily said...

SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! I honestly don't read very many blogs, but yours is one of my absolute favorites. Your photos are wonderful, and I've used (& still use) many of your recipes and also love seeing all your adventures.

Also if you were so inclined, would very much be interested in seeing any house reno (ie: kitchen) and more garden-related posts.


Kelli said...

Please keep blogging. You are my favorite. You’re on my Feedly feed and I just got so excited to see your post. Lol
Blogs trump insta for me. The more long winded the better.

Peggy said...

Love your blog! You’re an inspiration. Thank you.

Faith said...

Still reading! And every time you pop up, I'll read! :)

Natalie said...

My husband and I (well, mostly him..) completely gutted and restored an 1878 farmhouse over the course of 3 years. He touched every single part of our house and gave it life again. It was a huge process. We both work full time and homeschool and have small business on the side. I say all that because we are finding that with all that responsibility we must create margin in our lives and find time to do the things that will rejuvenate/refresh us so that we can keep going. Your blog is the only one I will come back to and ACTUALLY READ. BUT, there are many seasons in life and I think we must do the things that give us life in that season and cull the things that don't. So, does this blog still give you life? Is it an outlet for you to express yourself amidst all your daily responsibility? :) Here's to finding margin and following our passions!

julie said...

I was so happy to see your name in my feed today. I love your blog :) (and I do enjoy reading blog posts.) I'm trying to raise as much of our food as I can. It matters to me for our health and aging gracefully. I am interested in learning more about food from you. I'm an old fashioned collector of cookbooks too. Thanks so much for including us!

Janine said...

Heeeeey!! SO happy to read about oatmeal and antioxidents and your house. Keep em coming, I love your super simple recipes, they're like my go-to ideas now.

Cafe Carol said...

I love your blog and I love oatmeal! Great to see a new post. 😊

Rania {Northbound Journeys} said...

YOU'RE BACK, WOOH!! As you can tell, I still read blogs (I write one myself and is of course hooked in the world of blogging) :D I think you should do what feels right to you, what you enjoy and what boosts your creativity - for my own sake I do hope that is to write here cause I really enjoy your posts no matter the topic. I have such a bad relationship with porridge in general, no matter the ingredients but I know that eating this is sooo good and it's easy to bring with me outdoors too... *sigh* It does look delicious!

Also, I am glad I bought your cookbook when you released it. I shall be honest with you, I've read it and enjoyed it as a book but never cooked anything from it. But now I've found love in the most amazing Canadian guy and my Swedish cookbooks are pretty useless to him so we'll have a look in yours and give some recipes a go, wooh! Just a few years after I bought it... haha.

Allie said...

Mmm!! I love oatmeal, and loading it up with good things! And I'm glad you've blogged again! I really appreciate all that you share, especially about the meals you make! I'm all about loading in the veggies too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, post more of what you eat! I’d love to know your recipes! I read that book you posted... How not to die. I loved it! People think I’m weird for eating plant based, but when I learn about it, it makes sense.

Cassi said...

So happy you did a food post! Probably once a month my girlfriend and I talk about how much we miss your recipes!!!

Unknown said...

This post is right on time. I have been eating granola with pecans and fresh blueberries for the past week and I enjoy it so much. I usually add pecans or almonds and cinnamon to my oatmeal but the Quaker Oats granola was on sale so I switched up.

Shauna said...

Well, I'm not your mom....(duh) and I do totally still read blogs when all of my people are in bed and I have a few minutes to sit in the silence by myself. It's the sad reality of having a house full of little people, I find my "friends" on the pages of their blogs. So thank you for posting. I will definitely try your oatmeal method. And now I'm excited to try cooked buckwheat! And as an aside....we make naan using your recipe posted years and years ago all.the.time. It is quite possibly one of the top 3 favorite foods in this house. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yesss still reading blogs! Very few these days, but I love this one! Food, recipes, garden, and no super fake photos (aka 90% of blogs today). ❤️❤️❤️

Jill said...

I love your blog posts! Keep sharing with us o the blog. It's awesome to see what you are eating and what you are teaching your kids. Oatmeal is one of my favorites. I could have it everyday. I may want to try out the buckwheat with cashew butter- sounds delish! thanks!!!

Tami said...

I just read your last Instagram post and thought, hey I haven’t seen her blog in a long time (which was one of the only blogs I ever read,) and looked it up again and remembered why I did and how much I love your words and your perspective (and most recently your food and health tips!!) Please keep writing and keep sharing (after you live and love on the important things, of course.) But know that it is always enjoyed and appreciated!

Simon said...

Cloves in oatmeal?!?! Are you crazy? Lol only joking. It's a nice addition and think once winter sets in here this is going to be a morning favourite.

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