eat here!

because I'm always taking pictures of my food.....why not share our favorite places? Here are some we've gathered over the past few years--all photos courtesy of my phone. (a few more food posts here....just keep scrolling)
check back often for updates! 

and just because it's NOT on here, doesn't mean it isn't just means we haven't tried it yet. 
Tell us where to go!

all titles should link to websites if available

The Copper Onion
salt lake. 
WOW. We have only been once, and can't wait to get back. It would have knocked our socks off had we not been wearing sandals. I want to go back just for a cheese plate for lunch--we tried one cheese that I still dream about. The menu is seasonal and local, and for a nice dinner out the prices are pretty reasonable. I had a really awesome burger and chocolate peanut butter torte after I'd hiked Timp that day.

(half star deduction only for the dessert)
Salt Lake.
Perfect for a nice date night. Seasonal and local ingredients, and maybe the best burger I've ever had (it's a toss up between this one and Oscars). (yes I order a burger for date night, how lady like, right?) Candied bacon, arugula, and gruyere cheese, with enough truffle fries for 10 people. 

Skip the dessert though.......not my favorite, sorry pago.

The Pie
salt lake/ft union
A fun place to take out-of-towners. Great pizza with thick sourdough crust. We like the extreme veggie, and sometimes add chicken. And they deliver!
great for kids.

Bombay House
salt lake
Best Indian in Utah!
My kids love it too.

Lone Star Taqueria
ft. union
I love the fish tacos. The breakfast burrito is amazing and giant and amazingly giant. It's the perfect place to stop after you're up the canyon riding or hiking.
great for kids

Pizzeria Limone
ft. union
Great pizza! Brick oven pizza with fresh (and slightly unusual!) ingredients and really reasonable prices. Try lemon, blackberries, or pears on your so good.
The kids love that you can watch them make it.
great for kids

salt lake
It gets busy--check out Red Iguana 2--the exact same menu, right around the corner.
order: they are known for their mole--but order anything. 
you can't go wrong. If you are more for traditional mexican, try the flautas.
great for kids

salt lake.
Our favorite Thai. I love all of their mismatched dishes. This place is suuuuuuuper spicy. If you usually order your thai at a level 4 or 5, keep it around a 2.  

Slab Pizza
The bigest piece of pizza you will ever eat. I have heard it's all good......I LOVED the potato/rosemary/bacon/feta combo.
kids loved the classic pepperoni.

Our favorite little (tiny!) place for shaved ice on a hot summer day.

salt lake
best cookies I have ever eaten.
in my life.
they haunt my dreams.
my favorite is Penelope.
I like them for my birthday.
of course it's perfect for kids!

salt lake.
because how often do you get to eat in an 80 year old train car? 
Go for breakfast.
great for kids

Hatch Family Chocolates
salt lake.
Where you drink perfect hot molten chocolate. mmmmm....
and the frozen hot chocolate is AMAZING.
get your kids an ice cream cone!
It's everywhere.
It's always a hit with out of state guests.
great for kids.

salt lake.
Our favorite local pizza. You will find us there for every family birthday celebration. We've literally tried every pizza on the can't go wrong. Also my favorite gelato.
my kids' favorite.

fort union/draper
Frozen Yogurt.
Favorite famliy treat-you pay by the ounce and dish up whatever you fancy.

The Riverhorse
park city
We have gone to this place a couple times over the past few years and have loved every bite. It's seasonal and local, and it is a bit on the pricey side so we have saved it for special occasions. The food is amazing, from appetizer to dessert,we have always had the best service, and the live music is just a bonus. 

Java Cow
park city
gooooood icecream.
park city
Awesome sushi + all rolls are half off in the summer!
kids welcome here!

Hi-Mountain Drug
yes, it's a drugstore. They have a counter and a few tables and it's always packed out the door. The burgers are award winning and awesome after a day out in the Uintas. Awesome thick shakes with real ingredients too.
great family place
hi mountain 

Windy Ridge Bakery and Cafe
park city.
Go for lunch and grab a few things from the bakery before you go home.

Springdale, (right outside Zion National Park)
So good we ate there two days in a row after playing in Zion.
I highly recommend the Maui Burger.
Great place for breakfast too.
great family place

Ok this is funny. We are basically here once a week this summer.....a fun place to hang out with friends and then food is awesome. ......yet I haven't taken a picture.....I WILL! soon! I'm always so busy shoving salsa in my face.
We have tried almost everything on the menu and it's all good. The tacos are a bit plain but spruce them up with the mango salsa and maybe a little cilantro cream and they are great.
It's the best salsa bar I have even many to choose from!

There is a local cupcake place here that people go all crazy over.....I don't get it. 
But THESE cupcakes are worth talking about, yes they are.

san francisco
I've still never tried lunch here, but all the desserts are amazing. You can order to go and take it to the park down the street. 
Also, order everything.
photo 3

san francisco
Go for breakfast....but go as early as you can--the line is CRAZY.

san francisco (few more photos here)
Best pizza I've ever eaten in my life.
Order the baked burrata appetizer.
here's one of the guys who makes your pizza.

Cute little (no really, it's tiny) diner. Loved their homemade chips and zucchini fries.
great for families

half moon bay (few more photos here)
The salmon burger will rock your world. 

did I just say rock your world?

Erick Schat's Bakkery
Now THIS is a bakery. Name a baked good and they have it. We were grabbing a quick on the go breakfast so we went with an assortment of donuts and breakfast sandwiches. I really wished I could have hung out until lunch time to try a sandwich on their famous bread followed by a piece of cake. 
This place is huge and just adorable inside--a MUST if you find yourself in Bishop, California.
a kids dream.

Raymonds Deli
Gooooooood sandwiches. 
The triple grilled cheese is the best grilled cheese you will ever have. 
I LOVED the veggie hummus wrap.
kids loved it.

Chocolat Cremerie
San Diego
I need to get back here. We just grabbed some gelato to go (excellent gelato) but their dessert crepes looked so good as well.

Blue Water Seafood
San Diego
Fresh. Fish. 
That's all I need to say. 
I went with fish tacos but sampled friends' fish plates and it was ALL good.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
all over southern california
Ok ok so Sprinkles is old news to most people. They'd been hyped up so much that by the time I tried one I thought they would disappoint......and they didn't. 
You guys, they don't mess around here. 
These are some serious cupcakes. Please someone tell me when Utah will get a decent cupcake you know of one? The Sweet Tooth Fairy just doesn't do it for me.
I want something like this.

Whoa Nellie Deli
Lee Vining
In a hurried stop I didn't have my phone but I have to make note of this place. Chances are slim that you will ever be in the area, but if you happen to be in Lee Vining on your way in or out of Yosemite stop at the Mobile Gas Station, (really!) and get the fish tacos. 
They are a bit on the pricey side (what do you expect for a major tourist stop?) but it's really good food--and so fresh compared to what you can usually get when you are on the road.

Big Dipper Ice Cream
I am not ashamed to admit that I am a pretty big ice cream snob....and this place is FANTASTIC. 
Creamy and flavorful and SO many different kinds to try. And you have to try their homemade waffle cones. So good we ate their twice in one week on a recent trip.
all over MT
bakery for breakfast and lunch.
I have to have this when I go home.....sometimes twice.

No Sweat Cafe
I won't lie, I hate the name....but the food is good. It's harder to find the cool local spots in smaller Montana towns, but we loved this stop for breakfast and would gladly go back for more.

El Herradero
Now my 5 star rating is based on the nachos alone (I haven't tried anything else yet but I'm pretty sure it would be amazing). These nachos were the BEST I have ever had. Loaded with everything-and get the super enchilada nachos--they have enchilada sauce on them. A GIANT plate for just $10. 
good family place.

Wild Flour Bakery
Banff, Alberta
We only ate breakfast here (whole wheat waffles and a breakfast sandwich) and I wish we could have tried lunch as well. 
So tasty and fresh.
kids loved it

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company
Canmore, Alberta
This was fantastic pizza. I loved my choice--sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and goat cheese....all cooked right before your eyes (and the crust is even whole wheat!) I wish we had one closer--their salads and pastas looked delicious as well.
great family place

Bear Street Tavern
Banff, Alberta
Such a good veggie filled calzone! The crust is whole wheat and they serve their pizza with chile oil and honey.....soooo good.

great family place

photo 1photo 2photo 3


Ang said...

i experienced my first EVER iPhone envy a couple of weeks ago while looking at one of your phone pics - i'll have to look through these sparingly if i want to avoid caving --ahhh!

gram said...

.. happy to see we have at least one good place to eat!.. we have a Wheat Montana just down Reserve St. from us... pretty pics!

Rach said...

thank you!! as a self-proclaimed foodie, I'm dying for some yummy new things to try in utah

A Beautiful Life said...

YUM!! it seems i should venture down to SLC more often and get me some good grub! i'm so tired of the same ol' same ol' up here in Ogden/Layton area. i'm starving now.

Amy said...

We just moved to Utah and have been unimpressed with the restaurants we have tried. I am SO excited to try some of hope for good food has been restored. Although I am determined to find better Indian food than The Bombay House, while good, I have had much better, then again I moved from a place where there are Indian markets and restaurants on every corner. Thanks for this post!

Briana said...

Tarahumarra in Midway blows El Chubs out of the water. Try it next time you're in Midway! Thanks for sharing this great list!

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

I love this post! Found it through pinterest. Thank you! I'm excited to poke around some more here at your blog!

We live south of SF right now and are obsessed with Tony's! Glad you agree it is amazing!!

Unknown said...

we are food soul mates. i talk about the copper onion on my blog every chance i get. their cheese!! ohhh their cheese. and their desserts....

i love food.

cortnieb said...

Ok, amazing collection!!!! Next time you're in San breakfast at a place called Mama's. It will change your life!!! Absolutely heaven!!!!

Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

Great list, some of my definite favorites! Can I suggest a new one? The Wild Grape Bistro, it's just off north temple and so delicious. Since you like burgers try the lamb burger, you will love it :)

marta said...

just in time for my birthday tomorrow!! thank you sheena. you have so many of my favorites on the list. can't wait to try some others! please go to The Porcupine in SLC for fish n' chips or chicken noodle soup & house salad. you will die with happiness.


emi said...

we just moved to sf after living in salt lake our whole lives and i must nailed this list! you covered all our favorites and we must have the same taste buds :) love your blog and we are your newest followers! follow back if you want at

chatty_kathy60 said...

I just perused through your list and am now suddenly very hungry! I live in Northern Utah, and was a little disappointed that there was nothing from the top of the State. You need to come north on your next foodie excursion!!! Thank you for some great ideas :-)

Lori said...

Have you ever been to the Dodo? It's by surgarhouse park. They have ten different desserts every night, smoked turkey sandwich with in house BBQ sauce to die for

Sarah said...

Frogurt in Fort Union is gone. I think they have places in West Jordan and Taylorsville (maybe). Looks like some other things in Fort Union have changed (like the location of Pie Pizzaria) and you should talk about Sweet Tooth Fairy and Red Mango :)

The Rich's said...

you should try Burger barn in Roy Utah it was on "Diners, drive-in's and dives," they have the best hamburgers and shakes. There is also Maddox in Brigham City Utah. The meat comes from the owners farm. It is so good!!!

Kelly O. said...

Great list! I'm gonna add one more: Taggart's Grill in Morgan, UT. It's in the middle of nowhere but the food is A-MAZING! Prices are SO reasonable especially for the amount of food you get! Sooo worth a drive!!

Whitney Sanchez said...

Great post! Frida Bistro and Vertical Diner in SLC are great places to try, and Bistro 258 in Ogden is amazing. There are so many great restaurants in Utah, we're very lucky!

Unknown said...

Try the Sunshine Cafe in North Salt Lake, UT. It is a tiny little place just off Hwy 89, but every weekend there's a line out the door. They are great for breakfast, but you absolutely can't miss their burgers at lunch!!! They are to die for!!!!!!!!

Pizza in Zion said...

I really like this site very much, i hope i'll be there again!

Places to Eat in Zion National Park

MerrittBadges said...

Fantastic list of eateries! Thanks for sharing & inspiring us to try a few new places. If you're in the San Diego/La Jolla area, there is a little Jewish deli/bakery in a strip mall called Elijah's off I-5. They have amazing matzo ball soup, killer sandwiches, fantastic breads/pastries, and a fresh bowl of homemade kosher dill pickles at each table. One of my favorite places in southern Cali!!

MerrittBadges said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dianne said...

So awesome to see El Herradero on this list. Pocatello is my hometown, and even some of the folks that live there have no idea about this place. We have tried almost everything there, and everything is fantastic!

Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

Thanks for finally vocalizing the fact about sweet tooth fairy. It needed to be said. You need a steak knife to get through those dense things. I'll try to rocklin cupcakes the next time I go back. And zucchini fries at Taylors??? I thought I knew everything about loom-town cuisine, but I guess not. You could also add they have the biggest milkshake menu... Ever. But I haven't googled it so it may not be 100% accurate.

Taryn said...

Next time you're in Orem you must try communal and pizzeria 712. I will definitely be trying your suggestions next time date night takes us to slc

Jenny Miller said...

Thank you for the list.....I love trying new and old places! BTW there is a fab cupcake place in downtown pleasant grove called Alisha's cupcakes or Cravings. She won cupcake wars recently and she has some amazing flavors! Must try it!!

klarso32 said...

Make your way to St George and go to25 Main! Best cupcakes period.

Jilleun said...

Some of mine and my husband's favorites in the Provo and Orem area are Black Sheep Cafe, Tortilla Bar, Cubby's (probably the most kid friendly), and La Jolla Groves. And for dessert cake from The Chocolate in Orem, hope you enjoy!

Jilleun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Best Thai restaurant is Thai Mango in Provo. Seriously soooo good. I always order their coconut soup, fresh spring rolls, red or green curry with sticky rice, and pad ki mow (unsure on spelling). My husband loves it too! Everything is so tasty so we eat it family style.

Molly Campbell said...

Best thing I'd recommend to try - stop at The Garden House in Cedar City, and try the soup of the day. They have a cream soup and a broth soup every day, and every cream soup I've tried has been fantastic.

Unknown said...

Up higher in the state stop in Logan at Jack's Pizza. Fabulous. And any of the breakfast items at Herm's are to die for. And if you frequent Idaho go the the mexican place in Kuna just outside of Boise. Killer food and mole is made on the spot. I also second the Garden House in Cedar City.

Jacqueline said...

It is nearly midnight and I am salivating! Now I have a whole new list of Salt Lake places to try. We just tried a new one in Provi 180 Street Taco - phenomenol flavors! Definitely going to go through the comments and write some of those down. Can't wait to share this with my friends.

Unknown said...

The food you shared all looks fantastic and truly mouthwatering! I'm curious and looking forward to tasting the food in Red Iguana. Having presented with a lot of options, people usually tend to have a hard time picking one out. Going around different places and trying the food there will certainly broaden your knowledge and make it easier to pick what place is the best for certain occasions. Have you thought of trying restaurants within inns?

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Sarah Patino (Del Mar Events) said...

You only gave Ruth's a 3? :(

Crystallina said...

I have to second the suggestions for the Sunrise Cafe, in NSL and The Chocolate, in Orem. They are both soo amazing!

My Thai favorite is Jasmine in Orem, off of 800 N. It's the best we've tried (the hubby and I), in the wasatch area. And we've tried about 7 different Thai restaurants. Get the beef satay and massaman curry.

Kayla said...

If you're looking for good cupcakes, I would try Alisha's on main street in Pleasant Grove. They won the cupcake wars, and they are divine. I also think that Himalayan kitchen blows Bombay House out of the water. Trust me on this one. It's downtown, I think it's on maybe 4th south?

Sam Schofield said...

Sitting here drooling over your pics whilst also slapping my head for not hyper-linking the titles of my blog to the restaurant's site. Duh! I love me a good burger, I might suggest Lucky 13 in SLC. Thanks for the read!

sarah.dyreng said...

One of my favorite places in Utah, and it's in the middle of no where, is Lishey Lou's in Mayfield, UT. Great food for adults and kids. It's a small, family owned restaurant. I recommend the Sanpete Marinated Turkey (sandwich or dinner)and their sour cream pies (which doesn't sound all that great, but they are soooo good). But anything you order is fantastic.

Guest12 said...

How much is usually spent for a meal in The Pie?

Curios here from

Unknown said...

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