Tuesday, March 22, 2011

change of pace

photos 100% irrelevant to content.....I just can't post without a photo...

My saturday runs usually go something like this:
Map out a route, each and every mile accounted for. 
Drive to starting location. 
Turn on music.
Start watch. 
Run down roads.
Up sidewalks.
Across streets.
Look at watch.
Pick up pace. 
Smooth path.
 Even pace.
Mindless, foot over foot running.
Stop watch. 
Calculate pace.
that's it.

Last week was different.
I had no plan. 
No route. 
No idea where I was heading. 
I let Charly's leash out and let her lead the way.
Down a ravine.
Over logs. 
Over a creek.
Over the same creek. 
Again and again.
Coming up short into the water.
No music. 
The squish of the mud, and branches snapping under my steps.
Cuts on my legs. 
Shoes filled with brown muck. 
Over a log, 
ducking tree branches before they could swat me in the face.
An uneven path of rocks, 
my eyes watching carefully where I placed each step.
It rained. 
And then snowed. 
And then both at the same time. 
Charly lead us up hills and down. 
And back to the car. 
Clueless to how far we ran,
or how fast or slow we ran it. 
It was the best run......ever.

Completely opposite of what I'm used to, yet perfect. 
I can't wait to get out again. 
I'm craving it. 
Wondering where we can go, and what new obstacles await.

I feel like I've woke up from a long hibernation of doing the same thing over and over and over. 

That same day I broke away from my usual panang curry when we were at dinner and tried something new. 
No surprise, I loved that too. 

As nice and easy as routines are, I think it's nice to shake it up every now and then.

 A book you wouldn't normally read. 
A dinner you may be nervous to cook.
A path you have never thought to take.

It feels really good, I  promise.


Kate said...

I went on one of my first season runs today and it felt so great! I know exactly how you feel. :) I really connected with this post tonight. As routine as my life feels sometimes, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I shake things up a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

beautifully said. you inspire me!

infinitezest said...

that sounds really exciting!
what advice do you have for someone who wants to start running for exercise?

Laloo said...

wow! such beautiful comments! your blog is amazing, and so genuine and simple! i love it! i agree that life feels routine, but i also feel like it's a special routine! still pleasing nonetheless!


A Place to Reside said...

Oh the great diversity of the human experience. :-)

I'm actually having the opposite experience right. Everything is so new and different right now that I'm craving familiar things.

Still, reading the description of your run felt refreshing, like I was breathing the cool air with you. Lovely.

Rebekah said...

Wonderful. love this!
Sometimes you just gotta let go and be a kid again. no fear of letting go a little :)

Cecily R said...

I love the way you put this into words...it ALMOST makes me want to go for a run today. Almost. :)

Rachael said...

You surprised me. I guess I thought you'd say that you didn't like it and knew why you kept to a routine!
But I'm glad you loved the change. It's good to change things once in awhile. Your post was a good reminder of that.

banananutmeg said...

i love the tag for this.
trail running?! eek! really? We have tons and tons of trails.
Maybe I will try one

melissa said...

ha, i accidentally went "trail running" for a couple minutes this morning when i forgot the road i was on and the road i wanted to be on didn't connect. turns out it was a shortcut, too.

stephanie said...

I just found your blog via Summer Harms, and I love it. I've decided to give running another shot this year and reading this just motivated me even more!

sheena said...

I've wrote about the basics of running here:

summer said...

shake it up.
thank you!!
i'm one who needs to be reminded to do that.

Unknown said...

i really really loves this. reminds me of why i run :)

Shandrew said...

Mixing up my routine is why I started my blog! It's cool to see others who feel the same way and get the same exhilaration from throwing the old routine out the window. Love it!

Sprouted Kitchen said...

yes! well put - i needed this.