Monday, March 7, 2011

a day in the city

The city: San Francisco
The weather: perfect. 60°. yellow sandals. light sweater. 
The company: He wore a blue sweatshirt. I like him.
The food: where to begin....
-Pamplemousse in Redwood City. This place is adorable and right next to my Dr's office....we will for sure find ourselves there again.
-Tony's. My mouth is watering as I think about this place. I wish I would have ordered a months worth of meals to bring home and freeze. If you find yourself there, be sure to order the baked burrata--burrata is like mozzarella--it was baked with pesto and sundried tomatoes, and then spread over crusty toasted bread and prosciutto....yes. Re-read that, and think about it for a while. It was amazing. The pizza itself was  perfectly cooked--we were right by the oven--and then immediately brought out to us, hot, chewy, perfect.
-Dottie's True Blue Cafe: This place comes with several warnings. 1: Be prepared to wait outside in line for about an hour.
This place is gooooooood, and everyone knows about it--and they only seat 40.
 2. Be prepared to wait outside on one of the stinkiest streets of San Francisco, where homeless men will yell at you and throw their trash in the street.
3. This breakfast is so big, and so awesome, you will be full  for days. Weeks. Sooooo good. We got to sit at the counter and watched in amazement at how quickly the cooks worked in their tiny kitchen. Seriously worth the stinky wait.
-The famous Tartine. I have been dying to go here forever, and I must say it did not disappoint. We had planned on stuffing ourselves with one of their amazing sandwiches and dessert, but we were still feeling the food coma from Dotties, so we did what anyone else would have done in our situation.....we had dessert for dinner instead. I can't wait to get back and try of everything is my ultimate goal.
The doctor: (just joining us? read here )We love my doctor. He is very relaxed, and reminds us a bit of Jimmy Fallon. A super genius Jimmy Fallon who's trying hard to fix me. He was really excited about my progress, and I get to take a break from 3 of the 4 antibiotics I've been on for the past year (hooray!), and load up on a bunch of supplements, magic potions and brews. He's pinpointed some co-infections that tend to go hand in hand with Lyme, and we are now targeting those.....we have found a new path and I like where it's taking me. 
The adventures: We really just love to set out with no plans (except for the food, which is calculated out crumb by crumb), and wander. Friday night we explored the streets, and got our glute workout on those crazy San Francisco hills. Saturday we roamed the park, made our way up to Coit Tower, and hit the farmer's market.

The photos:
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the end.

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A Beautiful Life said...

my sister lives in 'Frisco, i so love visiting her and the fact she is a local she usually takes us to cool places to eat, woohoo!! amazing pics and i am drooling over that baked mozarella truly.

Kim said...

With your pictures, I feel like I'm in San Francisco... So beautiful.

Tiffani said...

My favorite city, except for the traffic! Glad to hear that your MD visit went well.

Rachael said...

San Francisco..Was thinking of the song that starts like that. Glad you had fun there!
I had no idea you're battling Lyme Disease! I'm sorry. I hope you're getting better :) said...

ooh sheena i am drooling over your gorgeous photos + sf trip. (although it's a bummer that a dr. visit brought you there--i'm super excited to hear that you're making progress and it went well!)

we LOVED eating at dottie's once in awhile when we lived in sf. our trick was to do our best to be early birds and get in line BEFORE it opened in the morning. it's actually the quickest way to wait. ;) isn't it such a diamond in the rough?

Danielle said...

I'm glad you are making progress! I hope so much you get better and rid of Lyme. My hubby and I are both battling Lyme as well (and bartonella). Good luck! We understand the woes of antibiotics, so it's always good news to get rid of some! :)

summer said...

i think it's so cool that you guys make the dr appointments into a big date. so smart. :)

i'm super happy to hear jimmy fallon loaded you up with supplements and magic potions- woohooo! i can't imagine how good it must feel to take a break from some of those antibiotics. yay sheena! so glad you're liking the new path.

Ally said...

mirror pics are the best! and coit tower is awesome! i think you should move here! :)

Unknown said...

always good to her good news from a dr.

and that food could not be more tempting, i am on the first flight to san fran to stuff my face, then run up and down the hills afterwards! beautiful!

Becca said...

I was just there last week! Had the best time eating my way through the city and discovering new places I love! I miss living there! Darling blog btw!

Lula. said...

I love Jimmy Fallon. Having a doctor remind me of him would calm my fears tremendously. Hehe. But sounds like all good news!? I sure hope so. I guess less antibiotics is always a good thing!

ps. Did you happen to save any leftovers for me? :)

jessie said...

heey. i was thinking pamplemousse would be a great name for a restaurant (since it means grapefruit in french). obviously someone beat me to the punch.
also, you take such lovely photos.
also, i love your blog.

jenniferhoiyin said...

i have severe wanderlust now. i love northern california.

so glad you got to visit yummy food places!

thobeka said...

I've never been to san fransisco but i've been drawn to it since i was young...! love these photos!