Friday, August 5, 2011

american summer

american summer
dusty sunsets
buck'n broncos
little girls with braids
cotton candy
while fireworks light the night sky

happy weekend!


Katie said...

Wishes for a happy weekend back atcha ;) Ps. loving this picture!

Unknown said...

love this since i am a small town gal at heart :)

Hannah Nicole said...

Happy weekend to you! What a sweet photo! :)

Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo said...

I just discovered your blog and it is great!!!Love your recipes,photos..everything!!!

Corinne said...

I spent last weekend at our town's rodeo - loved it. Enjoy yourself.

Maria said...

Your photos are beautiful!

Little Dotty Bird said...

that reallly does sound like is sums up an american summer! youve got me thinking now how a British summer could be described...youve definately inspired a new post! love your photos and your food posts always get me drooling!
wishing you a happy weekend too x