Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the whole enchilada

My tomatillo plant is going crazy!!
I need to share this "recipe".
ha. You know I am terrible at taking the time to write down if you like to wing it, 
here's one to try.
fire roasted enchiladas

Fire Roasted Enchilada Sauce:
-a few large handfuls of tomatillos....4-5 cups, unwrapped.
-1 small onion
-2 poblano peppers
-1 jalapeno pepper (seeds removed)
-3 garlic cloves

Throw all ingredients onto your grill, turning until roasted on all sides. 
You'll want your peppers to blacken up.
Peel blackened skin off of peppers, and add all ingredients to a food processor with an extra large handful of cilantro, a squeeze of lime juice, and S&P. Blend.

-2 chicken breast, grilled with a bit of olive oil, lime, salt and pepper. Shred chicken.
-Mix shredded chicken with 2 cups of black beans.

Put your corn tortillas on the grill until they blacken up just a little, and then add a few spoonfulls of chicken and beans. Roll. Repeat.
I had enough filling for 14 small enchiladas.
Pour sauce over top, and top with pepperjack cheese.
Bake at 350° for about 30 minutes, until heated through and cheese is bubbly. 

Top with sour cream, fresh tomatoes, and sliced avocado. 



Meg said...

yum! I'm going to make this! My tomatillo plant was sterile this year. It was too hot for it to drop any fruit from the blossoms. Boo. At least I got tomatoes. No one else around here did, so I'm extra grateful for them.

Did you unwrap, destem and halve your tomatillos or roast them whole with the leaves on?

Maria said...

This looks delicious! I'm also into winging it so this sounds just perfect!

Maria @Orchard Bloom

Hannah Nicole said...

Oh, looks delicious. I think I know what I'll be making for dinner tonight...;)

sheena said...

meg: unwrapped (is the "wrapper" a leaf?? those things are weird...) and roasted whole. My tomatillos were small and medium sized so I didn't even need to core them.

Unknown said...

i could eat this everyday. yum!

Alex said...

Oh my, that made me drool!!

Anonymous said...

oh, perfect sheena. too bad those ingredients are hard to find here in my country :)