Thursday, May 24, 2012

friday senses

first pick
Harvesting: arugula. herbs. baby radishes to make room for the big guys.
 Running: I recently headed into a new web of trails. twisty turny, roller coaster-y, tree covered fun. 
Yoga-ing: lately I am really loving half moon.
Anticipating: a long weekend. grilling. hiking. mountains. yay.
Seeing: thunderstorms in the forecast. I love a good thunderstorm.....
Crying Over: My baby finished preschool this week......why do they just keep growing?
Hearing: crickets. windows open all night. love it.
Craving: summer tomatoes. with mozzarella. and basil. There are at least 10 green tomatoes on the vine and they cannot possibly ripen fast enough.
Wanting to Make: my own mozzarella. have you done this? I hear it's not too hard....
Grilling: Everything. We recently made a new favorite.....grilled broccoli. Drizzle a few (large) pieces with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper and grill, turning once sides start to blacken.
Learning About: chia seeds. such powerful little guys......adding them to lots lately.
Missing: Zion. Needing to get back there. Soon.
Eating: Grilled Beets. Goat Cheese. Cilantro Lime Quinoa. 
Golden beets taste just like their purply red cousins, but if you stay away from beets for the mess, try these--prep and cleanup is much easier. 
Grilled Beets with Goat Cheese and Cilantro Quinoa
I love quinoa because you can really mix it with anything and it's tasty, easy, and filling. It can be worked into a main dish, or a nice little side like this one here. I will do a full quinoa post soon, but for some more ideas and cooking tips try here.

you'll need:
-3-4 beets, sliced and grilled. 
to grill, toss in olive oil and place on heated grill. grill (medium low heat) 8-10 minutes on each side, or until fork tender. 
-goat cheese (put a bit of cheese on beet slice the last few minutes of grilling)
-cooked quinoa (I used about two cups)
toss with quinoa:
-large handful of chopped cilantro
-small handful of chopped chives
-juice of one lime
-salt and pepper
top with grilled beets 

feel free to play along with the senses in the comments or on your own blog. 

Happy Weekend!


Meg said...

do it! make the cheese, sheena! I think kasey has a good tutorial on her food blog, somewhere (meandmyapron.blogspot). Once you do mozzerella, you'll be a cheddaring and waxing crazy like us! We got our cheese ON, tonight, and holy cow. Homemade cheddar is sharp and buttery delicious and not waxy like the storebought stuff. AND I know exactly what went into it, so no surprises there. So good and so cheap and well..making your own cheese makes you super cool. just sayin'.

Elise said...

I have seen a few tutorials on homemade mozzarella, if anyone can do can do it!

I have some "senses" on my blog today!

Ashley said...

That last photo is absolutely gorgeous. I love the light!

kassidi bridge said...

Yum yum yum. Everything looks and sounds so fresh and delicious!!

Unknown said...

ahh all of this makes me hungry! also- is chia seed the same as chia tea? that stuff is amazing (until i figured out its packed full of caffeine-oops!!) anyway details about that-always love to mix seeds into anything i make.

please enjoy that cool air for me! this sun is killin me.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Beets are my absolute favorite, so I'll definitely have to try this. Soon! And I love that picture of your girl swinging. So sweet!

keishua said...

those beets look tasty!

Laura said...

How DO you get some incredible food shots? I am always in love. And it was my son's last day of preschool yesterday...kinda crazy!

Laura said...

SUCH incredible food shots. Forgive my sorry misprint. :)

Anonymous said...

This looks absolutely mouthwatering!! I love quinoa and I"m experimenting more and more with an oatmeal substitute for breakfast, a meat substitute for burgers...and a fabulous side dish or entree staple.. DId you know quinoa isn't actually a grain but rather a seed? I thought that was interesting to know...thanks for this great recipe!

Meatballs & Milkshakes said...

These look so incredible and healthy! Can't wait to try it out!

-Lisa said...

I made this dish (the beets, with quinoa and goat cheese) for a bbq we had last weekend and it was a huge hit-even with the 'big' men! It was my first time having beets myself and it was wonderful. I am actually making another beet dish tonight!
This recipe didn't even need any tweaking, it was perfect as you shared it.

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