Sunday, May 13, 2012


me and mine. mother's day 2012.
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A mother. 
I have one. 
You do too.
I am one. 
Maybe you are too.....
We may have similarities, 
and differences. 
I have two children. 
Maybe you have four. 
or ten. 
or one on the way.
Do you have teenagers? 
or inbetweens?
all of the above.
Maybe you drive a minivan. 
Maybe you walk.
You may dress your kids in all the latest trends.
You may just be happy if their shirt facing is the right direction.
Or maybe you are just thankful that you own a shirt for them at all.
Does your family live in an apartment? 
Or on a farm?
In an igloo?
A little red house?
Maybe for dinner you cooked and ate the chicken that you hatched and raised and plucked and butchered all by yourself. 
Maybe you went through the drive-through.
Maybe you work full time. 
Maybe you stay home. 
Maybe you love it. 
Maybe it's hard. 
Maybe, both.

Every single mother is different. 
But, I think, that's ok. 
I think, the important thing, 
is the ONE thing we all DO have in common. 

We ARE mothers. 
Who cares if we do it a little bit differently!?
Who cares if it's not always perfect (it never is).
what others think, say, talk about, or do. 
Nothing makes YOU more, or less. 
As long as you are there,
for them. 
In tune.
Nothing else matters.
No one else can do it like you do. 
Because YOU are,
a mother.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Happy Mother's Day :)

Meg said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sheena!

nicole said...


Kristin said...

Lovely shot. And words. I am so happy to be a Mama.

Hannah Mayo said...

I love this. Happy Mother's Day :)

gram said...

... you are a good mama... hugs from gra

Hayley said...

A happy day indeed.

ali said...

love this post and these pictures.

Brittany said...

lovely. and i couldn't agree more, with all of it. happy mother's day. :)

kylie said...

this is sweet :)

beautiful hair, sheena!

A Beautiful Life said...

very well put!! i loved this! I also loved the candid pics with your kiddos, how precious! and how LONG is your hair?? I remember when i first started reading your blog years ago and it was wild and curly and short, you're beautiful at every stage!

Happy mother's Day!


eden greer said...

You have cool hair, cute kids, and wonderful perspective. Thanks.

Shannon said...

Very sweet. Happy Mother's Day Sheena!

Prerna said...


Poornima Nair said...

Amen to that!! Beautifully written!!

Unknown said...

Awwww. This is just beautiful.

Unknown said...

what a beautiful mother you are. and those little ones-perfect!

these pictures really are just perfect.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Amen! Well said.