Thursday, September 20, 2012

a beautiful mess

red and orange and yellow.
plump. juicy. perfect.
ladling (and all in our pajamas!)
sticky drippy golden mess.
peach jampeach jampeach jampeach jampeach jampeach jampeach jampeach jampeach jampeach jampeach jam
I use the low sugar/no sugar pectin and make freezer jam.
last time I made jam (here) I used honey, this time I had planned on it but found we were running low on honey (I like to plan ahead like that, you know.....)
This time I used organic cane sugar, and less than 1/3 of the amount that most jam recipes call for and it's deeeeelicious and perfectly peachy.

happy weekend!


Tanae Nelson said...

I like my peach jam Chunky too. I used the pectin again and it turned out great as well. Thanks for blogging about it

twinsontherun said...

Since its freezer jam, do you freeze it in those jars? I've never made jam before but you make it look do-able :)

Unknown said...

i so wish i liked jam! whats wrong with me? well if i did this would be the one i liked :) looks amazing as always!!

ps, i re-read some of your healthy eating family tips for kids and they have helped so much! my kids eat healthy but dont like to venture out and eat some of the fun foods i do-I used some of the suggestions and finally got them to eat some different foods. and by they i mean my eldest, stubborn one :)

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

i've made freezer jam a lot- but i've never put it in glass jars. do they freeze ok?

such pretty pictures :)

Ashley said...

What a gorgeous and delicious morning. I really need to stock my freezer better but it's so dang small! Absolutely wonderful light + colors in these photos...but that is nothing new. :)

Beyond Backstitch said...

You're so awesome. Love that the kids are involved. Love that it's low sugar and easy peasy. :)

sheena said...

@tuttut @rach h

Yes! I freeze it in the jars. I've been making freezer jam this way for years and it works out great--just leave a little space at the top.

melissa said...

isn't "a beautiful mess" the title and/or lyrics to a terrible country song that somehow lodged itself into my brain in high school or something??? thanks a lot for bringing it back to the forefront. NOT.