Thursday, September 6, 2012

it's starting

photo from a picnic last fall
I've been hearing talk. 
"It's here" they say. 
"It's coming" say others.
I didn't believe any of it. 

Until today. 

Today I felt it. 


I found myself reaching for a blanket in the early hours of the morning.
The clouds rolled in....
....and stayed. 

I looked down and saw goosebumps as I watered my garden, there was a chill in the air.
My garden--overgrown, plants heavy and sagging to the ground, 
and they're reaching toward each other to hold one another up.

All day I wanted soup. And cookies. Lots of cookies.
I wanted the oven on--with smells of chocolate and cinnamon wafting through our little house. 

We went for an evening bike ride tonight. 
The leaves are changing on the mountain, 
reds, yellows.
The trail was dotted with specks of orange and gold.
Recently fallen. 

The sun set,
and it just felt...... fall.


Ashley said...

I was just talking about fall coming here in Colorado. It's here in the mornings and when I look and see that leaves have started to fall but not when it creeps up to 90* in the afternoon! :) Waiting patiently!

Anonymous said...

yahhh! we don't get much of a fall season 'round here. but we are def ready for cooler weather. i've started to bring out the sweaters. and we even popped in a christmas movie.

Carey said...

Yea! It's here too in the high country of Colorado especially, got some snow above 10K last night.
Are you still trail running? Any fall races?

Eileen said...

Hooray for fall! I'm a little jealous--here in NorCal we don't exactly get a real fall. But crisp air and leaves! :)

Kenny said...

Wow. I'm actually jealous! We are still in the midst of what feels like the hottest summer of my life! 90 degrees and humid. Yuck.

Aunt B said...

That's exactly what it feels like! Thanks for this piece. Lovely.

Grace said...

This reminds me of how much I adore fall. Your words make me excited for cozy evenings and scents of baking from the oven and plump pumpkins on the stoop.

Amy said...

I love autumn here in Australia as it is my birthday! We are heading into spring though, and I am just as excited about seeing my garden come back to life, enjoying time at the beach, and laying back with a book when the summer holidays start.

Kasey said...

Fall is my FAVORITE! Yesterday morning I ran in 59 degrees. It was bliss!

Oh, and I made your angel food cake w/ chocolate whipped cream and raspberries. Meg thanks you. It was DIVINE!

Unknown said...

You conjure magic with your words, Sheena. All I want to do now is move far from this hot, dry southern California county to a small city nestled against forests.