Thursday, December 6, 2012

friday senses

a little look at our week.....

the big man in red.
smelling: cinnamon, orange, and pine. cookies baking. soups simmering.
seeing: snow on the mountains....come down here snow!
anticipating: I have said this about one hundred times now....but I simply can't wait to see Les Miserables. I have watched the trailer over and over and I am just so excited to see it! 
hearing: Christmas music.....all day long. I love a little Sufjan throughout the day, and then move into the old classics as night time comes (I just love Burl Ives!)
sipping: all our favorite winter time herbal teas.....have to keep the colds away. I love the Traditional Medicinals teas....this one is my favorite right now.
eating: We just made some fantastic pizza.....I didn't get a's so dark at dinner time! But imagine this: Whole wheat crust + a simple tomato sauce + mozzarella + roasted butternut squash with salt and thyme + sauteed chard + caramelized onions + prosciutto. 
making: sugar cookies! I was so happy to find these cookie cutters at a thrift store a few years back--they are the same I used growing up and I love that my kids will grow up with them too. We'll be decorating them tomorrow and saving a few of our favorites for Jolly Old St. Nick.
running: My last run was so muddy that I had grown two inches by the time I was through. Charly turned chocolate, and had mud in my teeth.....and it left me wanting more!
yoga-ing: Revolved half moon.  It hurts so good.
writing: to Santa. 
Dear Santa I've been good. 
I wanted a blue mountain bike for Christmas and I will be good I promise! Send a letter back please. How fast can you travel Santa?
Santa Claus I want for Christmas. What I want for Christmas is an art kit. I have been good! 
(something something something about) cookies. 
(after she wrote the letter she decided she wanted to also ask for cardboard too. You know, for her art of course. But she thought Santa probably already knew that so she wouldn't have to add it to the letter.)
reading: my favorite Meg told me to get A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. My boy is learning about poetry right now and she promised he would love it. I love it. So much. I haven't been able to put it down--find yourself a copy!
How was your week?
feel free to play along with your own senses!
happy weekending 


Unknown said...

those kids are the darn cutest.

seeing, breathing, thinking, living... homework, photoshoots, my kids, more of my husband (yaaayy!), and a comfy old quilt. and chocolate chip cookies to keep me company late at night while i do all of this. oh.. and a few blogs to distract me from getting anything done at all :)

Eleanor said...

What a wonderful way to stop, reflect and appreciate the beauty this life has to offer.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, your cookie photos make me very sentimental for my childhood. My mom has those same cookie cutters, too! The gingerbread man with the hat? Love it.

Meg said...

I lurve me some RLS. What an imagination.

I love Christmas.

Rachael said...

That's such a cute picture with Santa! I love seeing kids with Santa :)
I love all the activites you do with your kids! Writing to Santa, making cookies...those are great ideas.
And that pizza sounded yummy.

Unknown said...

Hello! I love you blog and all the picture's here, and your children are lovely :) do you really run everyday? What tips do you have for beginner? I'm in bad shape, I don't do anything else but yoga and bit of biking (what I love) but I would like to start trail running, and your blog has inspired me even more, so thanks for that :) have a nice weekend!

Tanae Nelson said...

Brynlee wants an Art Kit for christmas as well... She has changed her mind from being a dog catcher when she grows up to now being an artist. (She cracks me up) Anyway, maybe one day her and "She" can take art lessons. Have a great weekend

everyday graces said...

I've been sipping mother's milk tea. I have that same tree cookie cutter which my mom saved from when I was little. I'll have to blog my own senses tomorrow

Melissa said...

Cute... I had those SAME cookie cutters growing up too! And I think my mom still has them, packed away somewhere... hmmmm... I'm going to dig those up!