Tuesday, December 18, 2012

all I see

playing hooky from school on Monday
I have been walking around in a fog ever since Friday's terrible events in Connecticut. At first is was a fog of sadness and fear and worry and tears and all kinds of uncontrolled emotions, which I'm sure you all felt as well. YOU know the numbness I speak of if you have little ones in school.

The fog is still here......but it's changed.
I see my little family. My beautiful babes. Our happy home, our smiles, our love for each other. Happiness.
  And it's ALL I see.
Everything else is foggy, because there is nothing else that matters more to me this Christmas season.

Maybe I had a few more items on my list, a couple more things to do, a handful of worries to figure out.
oh well.
It doesn't matter really, does it?
We are safe and cozy in our little house, laughing and baking and eagerly awaiting Christmas
(one more week!!!)

I'll be stepping away from my computer the next little while, and really hope you can do the same.
Do it! The internet can wait, your family shouldn't have to. 
I may check in before then....but if not, have the Merriest Christmas!
our Christmas card this year
May your days be merry and bright!


Sara said...

You have quite possibly the most beautiful and wonderful card I've seen! Loveliness. :)

Eleanor said...

I agree. There are just no words to write since Friday's tragedy. kissing my kids goodbye each morning for school has been an emotional ordeal.
Because we just never know.
We need to make these moments matter - every moment.

Merry Christmas!

This blog no longer exists said...

Your Christmas card is one of the most gorgeous cards I have ever seen.

Enjoy yourself! :)

Ashley said...

Merry Christmas, Sheena! Wishing you + your family all the best in 2013. Enjoy your time with those little cuties next week. xo

Kaylan said...

Beautiful. Love this post and your call to rest and embrace the goodness we DO have. That photo of your kiddos is just precious. Where was the bottom family photo on your card taken? My family and I are taking our first trip to the PNW this christmas!

sheena said...

@kaylan Lake Louise in Canada:)

in dreams said...

merry christmas sheena!!

enjoy your "time off", haha! :)

kassidi bridge said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! Love you guys, and your awesome Christmas card!

emily o. said...

Beautiful card!

Melissa said...

I have been walking around with a heavy heart this past week.. I've gone through all the emotions as well. It's truly heartbreaking and it's made me slow way down, stop the Christmas shopping, and just reflect and focus on other more important things... like my beautiful little family. :)
Happy Holidays to your family!

parenting articles said...

you always take great pictures=)

Madhu said...

it's Beautiful!!