Sunday, March 17, 2013

hello, self

happy, happy girl
Saturday my feet were reunited with the trail.

With all the recent chaos of packing and moving and unpacking and more never-ending sorting through boxes in our new has been five long weeks since Charly and I had been out, and WOW!
 Mud splattering up my back has never felt so good.

There are very few things that come naturally to me. I love to try all kinds of activities, hobbies, projects--sign me up for something new! I have gotten quite good at dabbling in this and that (can one be a professional dabbler?).  I can practice and work hard at something, but nothing feels as comfortable and natural to me as running on a trail.

As soon as my feet hit dirt my mind is at ease. Even on a new trail--winding through trees and dodging low branches feels like home. 
A fork in the road? So exciting! Which way should I go today? 
Mud? No problem. Jump it, run around it, or splash right through it. There is a great feeling of accomplishment when I end a run with sticky spring mud freckling my face.

I love to feel my body working hard--legs getting stronger, heart beating steady, lungs bringing in and out the crisp mountain air. The sunshine warming my winter skin. My feet taking their place--knowing exactly where to go over rocks and roots, quick steps up and down the mountain.

We are constantly adjusting in this new life. We love it--yes we do--but there is newness all around. A new house to make home. New streets to navigate. New aisles of grocery stores to wander and wonder where things are. New people to meet. All the newness, while exciting and fun, can leave us looking for just a little bit of something familiar. The kids have their room--all of their very favorite things in place on walls and on shelves (and already cluttering the floor). They spend so much time in there each day, and have told me with smiles on their faces that it feels like home to them (phew!). 
Robby has his work--same work, same people-something familiar for him. 

So I was bursting with happiness as my legs stretched out, feet pounded the dirt softly below, and Charly bounded up ahead.......I had found MY familiar--out on the trail. 
Even on a new trail, I quickly found myself.

I'm curious....
Where are you most comfortable? 
Where do you go to find yourself?


Laura said...

happy for you. something you love is priceless.

Unknown said...

On my first run back after a break (childbirth and a broken toe most recently), I always feel so giddy and happy that I feel as though in running like Phoebe in Friends :) So happy for you finding new trails and yourself again!

summer said...

Woohooo! Wish I was as fearless about mud as you, Sheena. :) That first dry, sunshiny jog in the spring with new music on my little ipod shuffle is always my favorite.

We live at the lake and work at a camp all summer long, so the big familiar for me is getting back into my own kitchen every August. Making that first meal after we move home, reaching into my fridge and cupboards, feels like finding myself. :)

Nicki Woo said...

i think in the garden. that is my familiar.

Amanda Fetters said...

a hot shower my friend. a hot shower.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Being in New York City is a real calm for me and finding that unique place I wasn't looking for is even better
It is a great escape that always brings me lots of smiles !!

Anonymous said...

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Avril Copperfield said...

Cool, Sheena! I can feel that we have some things in common, like getting comfort from adventure and that big transition you are going through in having a new house. Well, if you find yourself on the trail, I find a quiet me at the seashore watching the sunset or the sunrise. Like what you mentioned, a new house could mean a new life. But I believe the best is yet to come to your life with your new home. :)
Avril Copperfield

kylie said...
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kylie said...

ha! i love that you said you dabble. i'm a total dabbler. i don't know that i'm really that great at any one thing!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I have just recently started trail running and am in love. I have always enjoyed hiking and being in the woods but running in them is a different kind of sweet.

Unknown said...

I could just imagine the spring as you went up the trail. Darling, that would be wonderful! I also love mountain trailing, especially near dawn and dusk, when the sun just looks so majestic. I am glad you will be able to enjoy all those perks in your new house, and that the kids feel at home there. How is everything going? Lakisha Zimmerer